Coping with Covid-19: A Fruity Start

Consuming Memories…

I was looking through some of my old travel folders over breakfast today, and I came across some of my fashion show invites from my first international trip – as well as it being my first foray into the renowned cultural escapade that is London Fashion Week.

I remember never ever having felt so chuffed in my life, that I managed to score seated personalised invitations to such a renowned event, on my own merit. I would be making up a part of an audience that helps define global fashion news. I would be a singular African fashion commentator from South Africa that year.

I still get so thrilled at having gotten this experience.

Finding these invites brought such a smile to my face, and made breakfast all the more sweeter.

Today (despite my adoration of anything fried for breakie) my body felt compelled towards citrus and juicy fruit for breakfast – no yogurt even! I’m built for carbs and bacon – the embodiment of someone who enjoys a good English Breakfast – so a fruit-only breakfast is the truest anomaly of my eating habits. I’m the type that would deep-fry a glass of water, if I could.

I made a whole production of having an almost hotel room service-style breakfast situation – to remind my body & soul that I’d still get to travel again soon, post-Corona virus.

What are you enjoying for breakast?

“Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit.” – Anton Chekhov

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