Coping with Covid-19: Coated in Winter Style


I don’t know how it happens, but I’m always shocked when seasons shift.

Cape Town weather spoils me for the most part; But when winter is setting it, then it’s quick, crisp, and chilly as hell!

I went to sleep during my lockdown (hoping my body would hibernate instinctively) and woke to a cold. Despite my grumbling surprise, I do like winter. This time means trench coats.

If you’ve atleast glanced at my blog these many years, you’ll note that trench coats make their way on to my form a time or two.

I have yet to find thee perfect trench for me – okay, this is mostly because I know the one I deserve, is part of the Burberry collections from Christopher Bailey’s tenure as Creative Director.

I’m very much for the discipline of streamlined trench coats and heritage clothing…today’s trench best showcasing my commitment to resuscitating tonal style in contemporary looks.

The trenches…

This wool blend black trench coat, is actually a genuine vintage piece from a store I discovered about 8 years ago. The double-breasted design appealed to everything in my sophisticated and classic style sensibility.

Naturally, the fact that it was a mid-long British military trenchoat, tickled me some – remember I mentioned Burberry?

Well, half the draw of that luxury design house for me, is that their trench coats were born from function, to protect the British military during the First World War.

The relevance of a trench in fashion, is undeniable considering its spent a century fundamentally altering global street style, and protecting soldiers around the world.

So, despite being in lockdown, I still have appreciation for my trench enough to kickstart winter style with it.


One of the things I cant escape, is my obsession with fantastic glossy magazines. While really good glossy magazines for my eye feast, are usually relegated solely to being Conde Nast Traveller & Vogue‘s, lockdown has initiated me dipping a toe back into the South African magazine rack. On a recent ‘Essentials Run’, I grabbed House & Lesiurebecause apparently adulting is now getting your jollies off with beautiful interiors.

During lockdown, I always end my work-from-home day with tea & a read through some lovely printed spaces – so I hope that clarifies the blatant product placement.

The handbag, and sweater, are 2 other pieces in my wardrobe, which I’m still loving.

In the bustle before the lockdown, I went to H&M hoping for a sale – and walked out with this fluffy, off-the-shoulder jersey (with a wide foldover top edge, long raglan sleeves, and ribbing at the cuffs and hem).

“As a result of my love of feeling textures, every time I have a moment to relax and not sleep, I further content myself with one of my plush sweaters or jerseys.”

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