Stylish Safe Stay: The Halyard Apartments

I’m a city girl, through and through.

As my mum favors the peaceful serenity of suburban living, quiet has been an ever-present companion in my life. However, I – devoid of siblings and the ruckus of pets – actually like a little bustle.

That being said, no one really ever chooses accommodation – whether it be business or leisure – on the need for more noise during their moments of rest.

The recent staycation stop-in I had was, for me, a fresh look at a relatively new face to the Cape hospitality block. I checked on:

  • their hygiene protocols
  • just how luxe their interiors and hospitality were
  • and indeed, whether city noise would permeate the apartment, should you feel like booking a stay there.

In summary for those that don’t feel like reading further:

What I experienced at The Halyard, in my sleep state and wakefulness, was a consistently slick elevation of AirBnB life, and here’s how this Superhost did it…

I think my recent stay at The Halyard proved another solid argument for there being merit to inner-city vacations.

The very first fact to know about The Halyard, is that it is very good in giving its guests the best of the cosmopolitan city life, while throwing the vile bits of city living aside.

You get all the usual fixings (seating, security cameras, WiFi, Netflix, indoor plumbing, extra pillows, doorman, and bathroom amenities), and a little more.

To start: visitors can arrive with their own wheels and have safe parking available in the building. Alternatively, guests could do as I always do, and get dropped off right at the door, by Uber.

Hygiene & Safety

The Halyard apartment building starts its guests off, the way they mean to go on: with careful boundaries, well-maintained facilities, and bespoke welcomes. It means their hygiene protocols are far beyond any real reproach – complete with:

  • separate entrypoints from the other business sectors housed in the building
  • hand sanitizer greeting guests at reception
  • hands-free hand sanitizers facing every floors elevator doors
  • and portable hand sanitizers immediately available upon entering the apartments.

Additionally, the gatekeepers of the apartment’s access, are two-fold: the vigilant security guards manning the reception and parking entry points, and the apartment managers very discreet team.

Once the necessary check-in and hygiene hoops are jumped through, guests are soon able to head up. The guest-only elevator access leads to a calm building floor that takes its wood-paneled and mood-lit design and ambiance from the finest spa’s in the world.

“In our pursuit to make you feel at home, we’ve designed three different interiors to suit the lifestyle you encompass – Industrial Chic, Cool Contemporary or Modern Minimalist”

The Halyard (2021)

Guests are able to then sequester themselves in the apartments and figure out whether their initial itinerary outside, is worth leaving the offerings of these apartments’ interiors.

For the able-bodied, navigating this apartment is a breeze

…but for those who require the likes of safety rails and height considerations for ease of access and amenities, then this is not the apartment to book yourself into.

Design & Decor | Comfort, Cleanliness & Sleep

The living room has one main exposure – but it’s a pretty spectacular one, that showcases the picturesque cityscape in fine form, with windows and a balcony view that spans the tail-end of one of the worlds 7 Natural Wonders (Table Mountain), right to internationally-renowned historical heritage site Robben Island.

No actual seating sits on the balcony – which I’m sure isn’t necessarily an oversight considering the dramatic weather moods Cape Town is prone to, which could sweep even the sturdiest seating right from their perch.

PRO TIP: For those not too keen on heights, be sure to specify that when you book – just in case there is an apartment closer to the ground for you.

Where design is concerned, you couldn’t find a dated finish to anything in this entire apartment – including their fire extinguishers, which I checked were up to date for safety.

In a move of purely accidental design seduction The Halyard could never have even anticipated, the one-bedroom apartment I was booked into, had many of the ideal elements which I covet in New York City apartments, beginning with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as functional appliance choices in the kitchen area.

In my particular staycation apartment, one is greeted with a breakfast bar closer to the front door, and a discrete dining area across from the kitchen – which has two entrances, by the way.

Blessedly, there is also a neat bathroom (which keeps to the clean, and muted design sensibilities throughout the apartment) nestled near the front door, so that one need not trek through the bedroom, to use the facilities during a visit.

It’s winter right now, in South Africa, and so warmth was foremost among my needs, for any place I’d be visiting for a stay.

Wood-burning fireplaces seem to be the design trend across Cape properties, and indeed the majority of hospitality establishments around the world. However, The Halyard shirks that trend, for fully functioning air-conditioning with heating that does increase the all-floor-tiled apartment’s temperature, as well as the apartment having a sturdy geometric-patterned throw blanket in the lounge, to cozy up with.

While I recommend bringing your own slippers and socks for traipsing about the apartment, the bedroom bathroom has a boon of a treat for winter chill: heated floors!

An additional traveler perk that every resident of a small city apartment would love, is that this apartment has an in-unit laundry machine for guests to use at their leisure – whether for short stays or longer-term rentals.

There is also a surprising amount of storage beyond the bedroom, for those needing shelving and the like. It’s located right by the off-white, decently sized dining area (which works as a ‘home’ office to spread out in too). Blessedly, there is also extra storage in the kitchen cabinets above the state-of-the-art ovens, and below the coffee counter too.

Head towards the sleeping area, and you’ll see that this bookable Airbnb also has deep closets fit for even my abundant supply of “just in case” luggage; And, guests get a pretty spacious bedroom by Cape Town hospitality standards, with a modern en suite bath to luxuriate (or shoot) in.

I will say, that I would love a mounted shelf or small side table by the gorgeous stand-alone bathtub though – for the sake of my reading material and snacks atleast. Luckily, the lounge side table works just as well, after relocating it to the bathroom.

Want the measure of the ensuite bathroom in this one-bedroom apartment?

  • The white, hotel-style towels are warm thanks to the heating towel rack,
  • The water pressure is decent,
  • The water quality is good,
  • The shower shelf, and sink counter space, is plenty enough for his & hers toiletries to be unpacked respectively,
  • And there is no dust or dirt (as well as watermarks) to be seen anywhere – I even checked behind the toilet and sink counters!

Sweeping my fingers over door frames, behind oven rails, and beyond shower faucets, reveals the thorough sweep done by housekeeping, in anticipation of guests, and ensuring their comfort and safety.

It’s a grand thing – a joy within my own city apartment too – to graze a hand against white walls and cabinets, exploring the apartment, and easing away stress with every step into a different fresh space.

I have only fond memories of waking and sleeping at The Halyard.

If morning light irritates you, for example, this apartment comes equipped with grey-colored, double-layered blackout curtains in the bedroom, and roller blinds in the lounge to temper the stark light filtering in.

The mattress and pillows, are the stuff you dream of when planning a vacation: decently supportive of your back and neck, and simultaneously plush with softness and comfort.

Every day I’d go jonesing for a Nespresso cuppa, and head right back to bed after it’s brewed.

It truly came down to 3 simple things at The Halyard, that makes it worth recommending:

✅ Sweet digs

✅ Simple treats

✅ Sensational sleep

Food & Dining

The Halyard does not have room service, or their own restaurant, or market/store.

Save for perhaps getting a snack-filled welcome pack, guests are to fend for themselves – not too bad a circumstance, in a city teeming with taste adventure.

And truthfully, I honestly did not see the harm in cooking for myself when presented with a kitchen far superior to my own.

The impeccable apartment in its shades of creams, greys, rose gold, and blues, is primed for cooking (and hosting honestly) – whether it’s a quick fry up or a slow-cooking full meal.

Also, when all else fails:

There are Apps to order nearly anything in, and to be delivered right to your apartment in less than an hour.

In-between my time-honored glamorous travel shots, I managed a rather delectable breakfast, featuring my beloved favorite bagels from New York Bagels, and some Mendola wine sips (Mendola MCC [Méthode Cap Classique] comes from Windfall Wines) between coffee.

“This spellbinding Blanc de Blanc boasts hints of peach, guava and orange blossoms on the nose that follow through onto the palate with beautiful nutty flavours.”

Windfall Wines (2021)

I never knew I was a ‘knife person’ until I visited this AirBnB apartment. Now though, I understand why chefs like the late Anthony Bourdain would travel the world, and wait months and years, for that perfect kitchen blade.

What I discovered while making breakfast and dinner, was that the knives I own at home, are trash! The blades the apartment comes equipped with, are smooth, precise, and frankly, quite gorgeous.

I was honestly tempted to pack the kitchen wares into my own suitcase, but I was almost positive they didn’t make up part of the complimentary amenities at this luxe city apartment.

Anyway, after spending an unholy amount of time cutting up everything from bagels (to unnecessary slices of things like sponges) to chili and snack packages, I was left with one overwhelming thought: I must buy new knives.

And is that not just one of the markers of a great place?

…that something within their space left such a positive impression, that a guest wants to take a bit of that home?!

The Halyard

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