Coping with Covid-19: Crisp Sheets, Content & Sleep

Hotel Revival…

I miss travel.

I miss the steadying calm of hotel hospitality.

And unequivocally, I miss the cool brush of crisp hotel sheets.

See, if life gave me a choice of not having to worry about debt & responsibility, you could find my cumulative wealth hanging in my closet, stamped into my passport, sliding down my throat, reviewed on my blog, and captured on my Instagram Feed. I am a ferocious consumer of wanderlust in all its forms, and I’m not going to lie: being under the Covid-19 national lockdown, is doing me in a bit.

In order to keep some semblance of sanity, I did a slight DIY project on the minute-sized space I call home (imagine a typical New York apartment…and then halve that!).

I brought in atleast one thing that would evoke the spirit of hotel hospitality, enough to trick my excitable travel spirit, into resting – or better yet, hibernating until Corona Virus has past through the world.

It was the best purchase I could have ever made, not only for transforming my home space into a more airy one, but actually aiding my sleeping pattern.

My best interior design choice of the year: White bedlinen!


My chronic insomnia hinders me from proper rest, but I noticed a while ago that the hotel aesthetic always seems to bring sleep on quicker.

I decided now was the time to put that to the test at home, and it worked.

Inspired …

Clean spaces here at home, have also meant an elevation in my content quality.

I’ve become more inspired – or maybe atleast more motivated to create, and create different. It’s brought on an almost Pinterest Board-looking vibe to this restricted era in my life & online platforms, and I’m loving it.

Are you a fan of all-white bedding?

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