Coping with Covid-19: Preppy Chic WFH Kit

Off-Duty & Hopelessly Optimistic

I’ve been enjoying the journey back into my wardrobes lesser worn pieces.

This dress, was one of the first fashion pieces I bought while I was a student here in Cape Town.

I think I’ve only worn it 4 times though, and it’s been up to a decade since it’s purchase – so don’t judge that I’ve overfilled the dress with my person. I’ve been growing this decade.

For the most part, preppy style is often marked with stereotypical polo shirts, and madras slacks, tennis shoes, or just overall buttoned-up style. I think my look for today still adheres to the preppy chic code – unfailingly demanding clean vibes, easy lines, and crisp finishes.

In keeping with the white theme that’s become a staple of my Lockdown Lifestyle, today’s look includes a crisp white shirt I chose for my Paris trip way back when.

It was one of the classic pieces I managed to find in Donna stores, and I still have love for its utilitarian style.

The frill-framed dress though, is made of an almost Herringbone pattern, with its jacquard fabric featuring a black & white geometric chevron design.

What drew me to it most, was the boning encased in electric turquoise blue piping, that structured the bodice.

The beautiful sinch at the waist, is now a marker of my designer favourite items, from couture ataliers like Vivienne Westwood (that corserty!) and Zac Posen (that sculpting technique!).

In any other time, I probably would have never teamed these two pieces together.

I’m not one for layering

… But alas, lockdown has made me a slight experimenteur with layering.

I still won’t touch a print!

“…in search of a new challenge, the fashion world is getting a kick out of revisiting the out-of-touch wardrobe and twisting it beyond recognition.

– Monica Kim,

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