Coping with Covid-19: Birthday in Isolation

Happy birthday to me!

I wanna say Covid-19 messed up my birthday plans, but I’d still probably be eating & drinking alone, toasting my brand spanking new digits of 27 years.

Urgh! 27!

How even have I managed to keep myself alive all this time?

Anyway, no cake, no bubbly (till the next weekend, when I plan to have another weekend spa day that requires Mimosas, masks, and yummy food), and of course, no people.

I’m an only child, so the quiet and lack of bustling fan fare for this day, isn’t too jarring.

I am surrounded by things I love though, from: fashion to perfectly steeped tea, Turkish Delight, to the glossy pages inking worlds together. One of my friends, who just might have gift-giving as a legitimate superpower, got me a care package gift for this day, that set me on the road to a solo picnic at home. It was an incredible collection of things I’d mentioned in passing, noted flavors I enjoy, and a diligence that comes from caring so much about the people close to her. I’m very lucky to be the recipient of that care daily.

Anyway, yeah – pretty neat day. I was content, and I was captivated – and I’m having more peaceful (if not altogether good) days the more light I see every day, and the more winding down hours carved into the ends of my week days.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages and posted well wishes. Thanks to the ones who thought about it sometime, but maybe forgot – I felt the good vibes the moment you were thinking about it atleast.

And thank you to ERRE for decking me out in the sweetest looks for my indoor winter.

I adore how your designs worship the female form.

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