Coping with Covid-19: Plant-Based Healthy Lunch

So, it turns out I can eat healthy out of sheer boredom for the same home-cooked meals which I, myself, prepare.

See, I’m a restaurant and takeout girl through and through. I will take an Uber far and wide, on whatever continent I am visiting, to get to some good grub. I will gorge on hole-in-the-wall diner food at the corner of nope and culture, and book myself into a fine dining establishment on a whim. I love the decadence of being a Millennial, for its freedom to be impulsive and varying – but Covid-19 lockdown is having none of our casual dining spirit.

Since I don’t have a kitchen befitting my Anthony Bourdain-style at home cooking vision, I very rarely go hard on whipping up scrumptious meals. I’m more for a vibrant presentation, to trigger the best parts of dining in isolation. However, I actually discovered that one of my local retailers, has a food section which sparks a positive (and sometimes pricey) evolution in many peoples solo home-bound menu style. Today’s lunch time special, is thanks to their salad offerings: Roasted Butternut & Beetroot Salad with fresh rocket, creamy feta cheese, balsamic dressing – oh, and my special chicken meatballs!

Plant-based food sounds weirdly unappetising – probably, in part, due to the unflattering perceptions and opinions spewed across nearly every television show currently streaming. I’ve had purely vegan food, and even sampled vegetarian menus, as well as balanced a heady dinner with plant-based options; Truthfully, they’re not all bad!

The roasted butternut & beetroot salad with all the fixings, was delightful for lunch. I grew up on “hearty”, and its been an adjustment and adventure to veer in the way of “refreshing” meals.

The meatballs are of my own making, so they’re guaranteed to be moist, slightly overcooked, and spicy. I’m still at that point in life, where I think my cooking could poison me, and so I’d rather eat overcooked meat, than chance anything.

I spice my meats as all black folks do, dolling out pinches of this and that until my instincts tell me to stop, and the appropriate aromatic steam saturates the kitchen air.

So, what’s your preferred cooking style?

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