Coping with Covid-19: The Rise of (Neon) PUMA Footwear

What’s become abundantly clear throughout lockdown, is that there has been such a diminishing of my city roaming, that I’m slightly more winded and hurting from a walk that would have otherwise been a breeze for me.

Now, every excursion is measured & well-thought out.

Every step needs to be purposeful, and purchases really need to fall into a true Essentials Run.

Regardless of what my government says, I’m still living a relatively Level 5 existence – it’s not the world that I don’t trust, it’s the people within it and the devilish risks many are taking now more than ever, that has me locked down a level or 2 tighter.

Anyway, on the matter of my walkabouts, you’ll likely see me (face mask forever present) out in the world for only 3 reasons:

  • An Essentials Run
  • An early morning walk within my 5km radius
  • A brisk pickup of locally-made bagels on special, every Sunday

When I do trot about, I focus more on my comfort – and when it comes to my fitness moments and lifestyle fun, PUMA is my chosen footwear.

PUMA Rise Neon

First of all: Can you even believe that these aren’t technically sports performance sneakers?

This chilly season, PUMA brings me (and maybe you, if you shop these Rise Neon sneakers now!) these hot Vegan certified shoes, perfectly balancing the duality of fashion & running.

See, I’m not made for running.

I love walking though; And every city I’ve been to around the world – from Paris to New York, and even Los Angeles – I’ve had PUMA‘s to tread my dream cityscapes with.

I’ve rushed towards Fashion Week showcases, enjoyed the sun in Central Park, hiked to the Hollywood Sign, and eaten at gourmet eateries, all while rocking PUMA.

I recently did a grocery run in the $93 bright fizzy yellow PUMA Rise Neon Women sneaker, complete with:

  • A slim, highly engineered silhouette
  • A mesh base in full neon
  • A rubber outsole
  • A low boot …And quite soft, but opulent lines.


8/10 – would recommend for those not necessarily looking for a wholly sports performance shoe, and just a durable chic sneaker.

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