Paris Foodie Escapades: Le Bistro Marbeuf Review

Finding out a few of your South Africans have washed up somewhere in France, is reason enough to shake-up ones travel schedule for a catch-up session.

My compadres choo-choo’d in on the Eurostar, and we immediately wrecked our feet in search of one of Paris’s most celebrated museums: The Musee de Louvre.

A quick (read: 1 hour-long shoot) photo here and there, as the sun burnished the skies in splashes of burnt orange and gold, and our stomachs got the better of us.

Food was in order…but: how do you choose where to eat, in a city acclaimed for it’s incredible range of fantastic french dining options?

You walk around…mayhaps towards the glitzy tourist hotspot of the Champs Elysées, scouting the best menu options (cheap by Euro rates) always situated conveniently outside the establishment; Uttering these words – as you will every day of your trip – as you enter your chosen eatery: “Parlez-vous anglais?” 

Image courtesy of Le Bistro Marbeuf

My Meal

Once past the miscommunication of ordering in 2 different languages, which you’re suddenly very aware of not knowing as well as your movie-watching brain assured you you’d be able to speak well in abroad, you settle in…hoping for satisfying deliciousness to mute the pounding coming from your sore feet.

On this day, I kicked main meals out the door, in favor of a sweet dinner.
Let’s skip on over to dessert…


Moelleux au chocolat et glace vanille is the order of the night.

The fluffy chocolate fudge chocolate cake was thee most decadent and rich item off Le Bistro Marbeuf’s menu.

The patisserie who constructed this soft chocolate cake with traditional ingredients, perfected its moisture, the subsequent mellowing of your taste-buds when the vanilla ice cream is introduced to the mix, and the all-round indulgent satisfaction a diner is left with.


I may not have had a full meal here, but the dessert at Le Bistro Marbeuf bears all the exemplary marks of an establishment unyielding in delivering foodie nirvana.

Image courtesy of Le Bistro Marbeuf

Le Bistro Marbeuf

21 Rue Marbeuf, 75008, Paris, France

Tel: 0147209480


Monday: 07h30 – 00h
Tuesday: 07h30 – 00h
Wednesday: 07h30 – 00h
Thursday: 07h30 – 00h
Friday: 07h30 – 00h30
Saturday: 09h – 00h30
Sunday: 09h – 00h

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