Travel Paris: Escape to this Parisian Airbnb Apartment

This is what happens when an Airbnb goes right.

I literally do not know where to begin regarding this wholly unique hospitality experience.

The host was an incredibly intuitive and welcoming host, who communicated very well with this English-speaking guest.

There were no problems with booking, securing a check-in time, and actually booking into my apartment.

You already feel elation assuming based off of the nigh suburban bustle and cleanliness of the ‘hood, just how safe your gentrified but cultured neighborhood is – proven accurate should you decide to boldly take the Parisian nights.

After Uber’ing to my apartment – not out of distance issues to more affordable public transportation, but out of sheer need to avoid lugging my 3 suitcases (it’s fashion week, what?!), I had a single challenge that would decimate a weaker person: More than 3 flights of very narrow spiraling staircase, which would have crippled a lesser man or woman.

I reached the top – huffing and puffing, after making 3 separate, sweaty trips up; And I think it’s perfectly placed, because: For how tiny the confined space is, it has all the makings of an eccentric boutique hotel penthouse suite.

Architectural Style: 5/10

The massive cut stone block building comes off as more of the same Haussmannian architecture which rests overwhelmingly along the long and straight boulevards of the City of Lights and romance.

The apartment, with its beautiful and tiny wrought iron balcony fence and lesser ornate stonework window framing, is home in a place which likely had a past life as an overcrowded slum block in a medieval alleyway.

Now, thanks – in part to the architectural design technique of fragmentation – there are quite a bit of tiny apartments in contained complexes like the one I stayed in, which exist amid many open green or safe cemented spaces in this arrondissement (borough).

This apartment also maintaining elegant facades which aid in perfecting the famed image of modern Paris.

Decor & Character: 9/10

An airbnb with interior ‘style’ or one considered ‘cultured’, is often excessively decorated to emulate Swedish interior design, or it’s marrying of minimalism interior decor.

This apartment does not even try to pander to such simplistic sensibilities.

It is loud, bold, and eccentric.

The rich and powerful reds used everywhere from the door, to the glossy cherry red kitchen cabinets, raise the welcome warmth levels of the place.

The excess of red, is not at all tempered by the lime green walls, but is complimented in a quirky way which ensures guests are never able to wallow in a dark and somber mood, in this small apartment lacking direct sunlight.

The ornate gothic homage bedroom has so much visual space taken up by the psychedelic science fiction/pseudo-spiritual mural on the wall, which some may feel uneasy towards when you’re about to sleep.

However, one of the most intriguing but cluttered interior design choices in the apartment, are the various incredibly beautiful metal and brass sculptures sitting everywhere from the bedside table. to the deliciously gaudy silver vanity table.

Earring by Kirsten Goss

Facilities: 9/10

Clean & functioning bathroom, you wont even second guess stepping barefoot and naked into – Check!

Glossy wooden floors – Check!

Clean and well-stocked kitchen and breakfast pantry – Check!

Storage space for clothing and food respectively – Check!

Comfortable as hell bed, with more than one pillow – Check!

Divided bedroom, bathroom and kitchen – Check!

Separate vanity table, kitchen table and counter space – Check!

Comfortable all-round facilities – Check!

Ridiculously short walk to shopping facilities, hospital or police – Check!

Food & Drink: 6/10

Differently-abled Accessibility & Comfort: No, 0/10

There is NO elevator and a very narrow stairway, up more than 3 flights of stairs.

If you are differently-abled and willing to climb that high, you will also have a sliver of a bathroom to maneuver.

Family Friendly: Yes’ish, 3/10

I travel with my mom, so her and I sharing this space would not be a problem.

However, any more than 2 individuals is a very tight squeeze.

Let’s not forget that such high and narrow perfectly polished glossy steps, mean danger for adults. I don’t believe children would be well suited to staying here.

Location: 7/10

Leafy | Not quiet, but murmuring | Village hip
It has all the city amenities of a tourist-adjacent town, with the only noisy bustling coming from the people-watching cafes situated along the main roads, a way away.
Getting anywhere from the Louvre to the Eiffel, takes a fast combo of a train ride and quick walk – nothing shutting down too majorly to have to improvise your tourist schedule under stress.
Also, Parisians LOVE them some pharmacies, so you’ll have a better chance of spotting one of those here, than a grocery store.

Value for Money: 8/10

In any currency, this apartment is unquestionably value for your money, in Paris.

You get what you pay for, in: the pristine small facilities, eclectic decor, emergency breakfast food reserves, and an informative & responsive host.

Hat by Simon & Mary

Airbnb Apartment

Batignolles, 75017, Paris, France

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