Coping with Covid-19: Looking forward to Mundane Weekends

We are clinging to calm, and yearning for freedoms locked down. We’re intrigued by the reality of adapting to a new distant working world, yet perilously breaking apart at the seams at a way too uncertain future.

It’s hard, and its different…this cultural upheaval now known under the trendy phrase new normal. It’s stressful; and it leaves nothing but anxiousness in its wake – which is why I’m trying to revel in the mundane.

Don’t get me wrong: I crave travel (whether local or international) like the smokers of South Africa are shouting out for their next fix. I need to know there will be another trip away from my creature comforts soon – as much as I like them, I’m due a soul-replenishing luxe vacation away.

Right now, I’m weathering the storm – sometimes with something as simple as doing laundry, pouring a drink, caring for my skin, or activating the senses with the vanillin scent wafting out from my rustling book collection.

For this weekend: I need easy peace.

…the methodical folding of fresh linen
…the process of pressing and starching
…waiting – for the next laundry load, and the next shirt fold.

On weekends, I sometimes curl up by my window (whether it be rain or sunshine) and crack open the pages of new adventures, while I wait for the next cycle. And while paging through new worlds this last week, I discovered the virtues of Soy Milk and cinnamon too – such easy bliss!

So, what mundane task are you looking forward to?

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