Coping with Covid-19: Grabbing Fashion by the Coattails

Beginnings and ends…

It’s sometimes bittersweet when you find out a brand or business has closed their doors for good.

I remember when, freshly-minted as a Uni firstie, I was exploring the wonders of Cape Town with the tendrils of pubescence still clinging to me.

I used to take the testy trains or the jarring taxis into town, to feast my eyes and senses on the famed weekend markets of Cape Town, the colourful cultural variance of this tourist city’s design, and even the “vibey” events that have remained stunningly synonymous with the cosmopolitan city.

But, fashion always maintained itself as a key focus of my exploration – a fact still evident in just how my international travel is usually framed around Fashion Weeks.

On one of my city escapades, I encountered this sister duo who truly has an inspired vision for their colourful and textured vision.

For a season or two, they were celebrated in the Cape predominantly, after showcasing a fresh and polished perspective of contemporary readywear, and then spotted on some of the hottest models & influencers in the country.

But, as is the peril of the South African fashion industry, a lack of sustainable support from fashion-lovers, and the disjointed industry and authorities at large, did their bottom line no favours.

All I have left now, from the brand once called MilQ & Honey, is this coat – which I can proudly exclaim really was an investment!

Felt nostalgic – and really cold – a bit ago, so I grabbed it while working. It still fits!

Did you know that it’s actually really difficult to find an asymmetrical coat with a similar design, that isn’t Steampunk?!

Luckily, atleast this forest green suede waterfall coat, glammed up with a champagne gold satin lining, still fits nearly 5 years later!

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