Coping with Covid-19: The Loudness of Silence in Isolation

It’s almost deafening…

Maybe it’s just me, but the silence in isolation, is loud – almost deafening.

I am Physically Distancing solo while Covid-19 continuous its insidious reign; And it’s kind of eerie to contemplate the polarizing bearing between: choosing to be inside Vs. a mandated stay in.

I’m an only child, who has also learned to value her time alone…but I never quite realised how contingent I was, on seeing people, and being a part of crowds.

There’s nearly no one in my building.

There are no cars, and there is no bustle.

…I remember this moment, at the start of every world-ending movie.

My country is under a mandated National lockdown, by order of the president. What was only supposed to be an initial 21-days, has now been extended as a precautionary measure to ‘Flatten the Curve’ of Corona Virus strain Covid-19’s spread.

…and so many of us, are just already feeling the tendrils of unease, in this extended lockdown.

I live in a constant state of steady paranoia – always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I sometimes joke that I speak in movie!

…but despite my lack of faith in us humans (our inescapable capacity to destroy, being foremost in my mind) I never quite believed we would be another generation, living through such a destructive global pandemic.

I was thinking…

The speculation about what is to come, is both riveting and frightening.

I enjoy the escapism of Twitter folk joking about their at-home escapades while socially distancing, but I’m also with the anxiety-ridden folk who can’t quite feel settled, because there’s something…something not quite right coming.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been familiar with ‘Martial Law’ but we are just one sneeze & desperate act – literally one wrong reaction away – from elevating this vigilant National lockdown, into a state where Martial Law is enacted.

Speculatively, I think we may eventually reach a time where our conformity is coerced, and our submission solicited – likely fuelled by the media.

We can be hopefully that Covid-19 is one bump in an otherwise straightforward path to an idyllic future.

However, this Corona Virus strain could be one of a myriad of problem which all eventually conspire to corrupt our reason – until we give up long-held rights & freedoms on the promise of health & safety.

I’ve never had to rely on my instincts quite like this before – usually they’re reserved for assessing which streets to cross after a good night out.

However, even my mother professes to know that I have incredible Self-Preservation instincts; And if that is to be believed, then I’m glad I’ve got an emergency ‘Go’ bag, a mental outline of the trajectory I’d take towards my endgame apocalypse location, as well as a commitment to just surviving

…and then eventually learning to live again.

This was just a bit of drivel to try enunciate a smidge, of what’s going on in my brain.

I’m in a privileged enough position, to not have to engage the world physically during the National Covid-19 Lockdown, until due time – but one cant help thinking: “What if…?”

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