Coping with Covid-19: Happy with a Hearty Breakfast

These days, we take our joys where we can get ’em – right?!

Breaking the fast…

I don’t think I have ever quite had the pleasure of lazy mornings where I actually make the effort for a hearty breakfast – satisfying my eyes, as much as my stomach.

These last few days during my mandated Covid-19 prevention lockdown, I’ve really gotten into breaking my fast the way I would, had I been sequestered away with Room Service, at some hotel I’m reviewing.

I usually gobble up some cereal at home, or rustle up a quick fry-up.

However, with a few impulse purchases before my isolation commenced, I’ve evolved my breakfast (and sometimes dinner).

Today’s breakfast goes for freshness & warmth – a combo of fluffy toasted waffles & ripe berries.

This is a no-pressure breakie – even though it’s possible to elevate the straightforward meal with (the odd) offal, or maybe waffles with (the boujie) some smoked salmon, caviar, and then obviously the necessitated crème fraîche.


Wheat Flower, some Canola Oil, Free Range Eggs, and some syrup.

Topping the delectable breakfast:

…are Summer berries, including: Rasberries, Strawberries & Blueberries.

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