Coping with Covid-19: My Bedside Book List

A book and its cover…

You can’t really tell who is reading what in this age. Tastes are unpredictable, and the developing minds of readers, are thirsting for all manner of twists to satiate.

You couldn’t guess my entire reading range either. At any given time, I’m reading 4 books spanning atleast 3 genres. I like:

  • Science Fiction – categorised by a focus in intelligent beings, technology, science, and outer space
  • Crime Thrillers – where the suspenseful narrative on disreputable acts, can come from the criminal, or the justice-seekers perspective, and
  • Young Adult/YA books – which are basically the novelisations of nearly every emo tween, and cheesy and dramatic high school television show.

I do enjoy political nonfiction, from the rare politician, academic, authority, or commentator whose perspective on the system, I find intriguing.

A good political nonfiction read, is How Democracies Die (2018) by  Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt.

There’s only one nonfiction finance book that I read and absolutely loved, despite me being hopeless at anything with numbers: “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” by Michael Lewis.

Loved The Big Short book, and the star-studded near perfect accuracy of the film adaptation.

*Yeah, just a heads up that this blog post is literally me just thinking about random books I have read, and my book-shopping methodology and genre ruminations.

I recently went browsing at a book store, for the “Fashion in Film” book I’ve been coveting, as well as nonfiction fashion memoirs/biographies by the likes of: Vivienne Westood, Andre Talley, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen & Chanel.

My wallet screamed, but these books are not only fascinating insights into an industry and culture I generally adore, but they also make for great coffee table books.

Anyway, while in the book store, I realised that I would actually read a nonfiction food book (not a cookbook alone) – but ONLY from the late great chef Anthony Bourdain.

See, I’m not one for following a book on cooking, which has unfortunately led me to some kitchen blunders of note. However, Bourdain’s brand of uncomplicated cooking, travel, and culture amalgamation, remains inspired.

Upon further consideration on my book lifestyle, I am also contemplating dabbling into travel books while in lockdown, but I have trepidation that they wont meet the high standard and enjoyment I get from soaking up Conde Nast Traveler.

Anyway, what are you reading?

I’m narrowing this weekends reads to:

HP Lovecraft

Stephen King

Nora Roberts

…and Gillian Anderson.

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