Coping with Covid-19: Work From Home High Fashion

Why dress up?

I totally get people trying to maintain some semblance of normal, during their physical distancing.

Hanging on to the monotony of getting up, getting dressed, and working, may be what’s keeping you sane, but I am honestly too lazy for that consistency.

Instead, I got a random burst of energy a while ago, and decided to have a full shoot showcasing what may have been my work-from-home style, had I stuck to a normal, working day program.

You’ve probably already seen all my clothing, but I’m showcasing them again because I didn’t buy them for nothing LOL!

“There boots are made for walking”

Nancy Sinatra

One of the spoils from my Big Apple adventures during New York Fashion Week were these boots. I can’t exactly walk out in them right now , but I can stomp the yard.

These are brown, stacked heeled ankle-high leather boots with pin buckle traps, by a New York-based Brazilian designer brand called Lust for Life Shoes.

A handbag can be so indicative of who you are.

I’m one for sturdy purses that are more sophisticated and durable, than they are trendy in their aesthetic.

I got this handbag way back when, from Colette Hayman. It’s decorative pieces, like the cold framing the purse edges, is falling apart at one end

…but I am still clutching on to this bag because the rest of it remains nearly untouched in its maintained leather beauty & functionality.

I cannot fathom using this purse with any other outfit except those that are brown, black, cream, or white. I don’t know – I just don’t think I’m built for clashing colours or prints for that matter.

Why browns and golds?

I have been told that I’m suited to warm colors – so I have steadily maintained a predilection for rich shades of brows, red, and orange.

My wardrobe is very revealing of my exacting taste on color, style, and fit.

I have a finite set of gold jewellery – after spending one of these lockdown moments cleaning out my accessories corners.

I’ve been leaning more and more, into the more South American-inspired designs that evoke valuable history in their shape. These Aztec-homage gold earrings are a current favourite, among a collection of jewellery that includes Picasso & Dali designs. They’re all so good with my clothing shades.

Leather & Knit…

Can you ever really go wrong (when it gets chilly) with some leather and knitwear?

I have rocked this pleated skirt everywhere from front row at Fashion Week, to Happy Hour drinks with friends.

It is a stylish, and durable piece that can actually be deemed a collectable.

I see it still being a streetstyle beacon in another few decades.

I’ve touted the soft wool blend H&M long-sleeved turtleneck knit, with ribbing at the cuffs, everywhere too.

It’s perfect for High Tea, Fashion Week, and relaxing at home. It’s so soft, I tend to get sleepy and feel snuggly, while wearing it.

It teams up very well with a sheepskin coat, leather skirts, leggings, and even jeans.

You can find gorgeous and affordable versions of this knit necessity, with V-Necks or off-the-shoulder designs, at your nearest H&M too.

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