Coping with Covid-19: Testing my Cooking Poaching Eggs

Why not just fry-up?

Considering there seems to be an excess of opportunity to use time wisely (in between long naps and breakdowns), why not?!

I have had fried eggs ever since I was an able-aged child, so this particular ingredient has been a companion to my growth throughout the years.

Deciding to try poaching eggs, came purely from hunger, boredom, and copious amounts of my favourite cooking shows(i.e: ‘The Final Table’, and anything with Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsey).

I’m never really fancy with my breakfasts.

However, being limited from Cape Town’s renowned eateries during the national Covid-19 lockdown, has necessitated culinary creativity in me.

Half the fun of living in such a cosmopolitan city, is becoming a foodie – thereby rendering any elaborate home-cooking basically moot.

In part because I love lifestyle content, and because I am a general liker of things, I have been making really colourful, hearty, or straight up just pretty breakfasts, under lockdown.

On Netflix’s ‘The Final Table‘ the contestants once had a challenge to cook an English Breakfast.

Though the idea seems so simple for a culinary competition, my takeaway from that surprisingly tense challenge, was that any chef is not worth their salt, if they cannot whip up a good breakfast.

…so, poached eggs!

I tried Gordon Ramsey’s egg poaching method, after watching a Youtube cooking tutorial clip he made a while ago. Naturally, I failed dismally, but I’m still patting myself on the back for my first try being edible.

Expectation Vs. Reality

There were one or three tries to get some semblance of poached egg shape in my cooking, but I ended up with one aesthetically pleasing half slice, and one piece of raggedly assembled toast I inelegantly just stuffed my face with.

(Apparently Millennial) Avocado sourdough Toast with eggs & bacon, washed down with a refreshing Apple, Ginger & Lemon Cold Pressed juice.

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