Decadent Threads: Sunshine Yellow

What makes up your Summer essentials?

  • Do you prioritise the perfect sunscreen, or a beach bag of note?
  • Is linen apparel a Must-Have, or are you more a keeper of all things floral?

I am a fan of embodying Summer – to vibrantly colour the streets with my idea of Spring/Summer (or the Fall season when it comes). I enjoy looking like the season I’m in and, doing it tastefully.

This year, while we were allowed to begin rediscovering our love of local travel, I took the literal not-so-mellow Summer palate, and ran with it when roaming the Cape’s newer spaces – saturating my wardrobe styling in pigmented Canary Yellow vibrancy…somewhat a streetstyle homage to the African sunshine!

Captured at Casa Labia Cultural Centre, Cape Town


Pastels, sunshine, and lemon yellow could work for others with their soft champagne hues, but there is something about the optimism of Saffron & Canary Yellow, that just works for me.

You could find it everywhere from my accessories box, to my footwear, in sunglasses and so much more. For my most relaxed times, and the highest modes of my sophistication, I chose the colour as my fashion statement, and had zero regrets.

Captured at Cartel House Hotel (Ideas Cartel), Cape Town

“…yellow can equally be imagined in vitamin-rich, vibrant shades for an extra touch of style.”

Heloise Salessy, Vogue (Fr)

Simon & Mary hats are a cult favourite among the fashion community now – not just for the hat’s popularity among Hollywood circles, but genuinely because this South African fashion house produces some really collectable (and durable) hats seen regularly on chic city-dwellers from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

I chose one of their wider-brimmed yellow hats for its starkness – rich without being gaudy, and stylish without being too clinical.

Yellow was also my choice for swimsuit – why not?

Captured at Cartel House Hotel (Ideas Cartel), Cape Town

My Beach Cult swimwear gets put to the test quite often – each of my pieces having been put through their paces both locally and internationally. One of my favourite things about Beach Cult swimwear – besides the vivid colours – is the cut, with the designs ideally flattering to voluptuous forms.

While there are such unique and pretty prints that the designer Joanne, plays with in her swimwear designs, there was something almost ‘Baywatch’ but not, in my plain yellow one-piece choice.

Walking on Sunshine

My colour of choice can also be found at my feet – on a particularly lovely day visiting a cultural centre, with its Palace of Versailles gilding alternating my look between ‘historical revival’ to ‘sophisticated bruncher’.

If you have never heard of Coast & Koi, it is a high-end shoe brand that is proudly South African. Caryn Wilensky, the founder and designer, is focused solely on perfecting our soles styling.

Coast & Koi is a brand specializing in one-of-a-kind luxury shoes, with a very keen eye on inventively interpreting historic & contemporary fashion trends from around the world.  The brand is also noted to have collaborated with famed Lebanese designer Reem Acra, for their A/W17 Collection.

On my feet are a gorgeous pair of luxury yellow Coast & Koi shoes, adorned in feathers and embellished fabric, last worn while I toured the famed Palace of Versailles in France.

Captured at Palace of Versailles, France

…And the story of the yellow dress?

As with everything en Vogue, which I have recently worn, I am rocking another great ERRE fashion house creation. In their newest collection, my beloved favourite designers whipped up a dress perfect for Afternoon Tea time, as well as adventure time!

Get your yellow GLIDE easy-fit dress by ERRE now – available for purchase on their website.

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