Travel Paris: Versailles Outfit of the Day

Once home to the famed Marie Antoinette, the Palace of Versailles was a gilded cage for the final (Austrian) Queen of France, before s%#* hit the proverbial French Revolution fan.

Christened as a symbol of ‘absolute monarchy’, the Chateau went through a riveting period of the entire French kingdom being ruled from its hallowed halls

…and what magnificent bureaucratic halls they are.

I took a comfortable ride on a train, to the  Île-de-France region of France, for my visit.

It’s a brisk 15-20min walk to the palace; But if Versailles most wondrous architectural design offering does not impress, as you make your way towards the golden gates secured by armed military personnel, then the refreshing walk through the idyllic town will.

The weather was terrible, but I was committed to bringing the sunshine amid some of thee most phenomenal landscape design and interior decor I have ever had the pleasure of gazing upon.

I wore a stunning, swaying and sun-kissed dress by South Africa’s Erre Fashion.

The wealth and opulence Marie Antoinette existed in, remains unattainable for so many of us …but there is a way to claim an almost royal visage in this era: One of a kind, luxury handmade shoes by Coast & Koi.

These are some of thee most unique and exquisite design creations ever conceptualized by a South African designer, and it was wicked to walk The Palace of Versailles in my second pair of CK’s.

My first pair of Coast & Koi shoes.

I kept waiting for somebody to think they were taken from Marie’s exhibit.

I was not about to step foot on precious grounds, without ensuring I looked and felt good, so I brought a few beauty essentials along, with my ensemble.

Loved the glow Swiitch Beauty‘s travel sized wet glow highlighter palette brought to my face – especially against the grey backdrop the weather created.

If you had to bring a style or beauty essential to The Palace of Versailles, what would it be?

Stay tuned for more the Chateau’s tour review, and more Paris looks…

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