Travel Essentials: The PUMA x Mr. Doodle Sneaker to Beat

When people think travel, I get the feeling that it is only long flights foremost in peoples minds.

For my travels, I make use of public transport, flights, treks across cities and Uber around town. The number of varied shoes one used to need for their travels, used to take up a large portion of luggage, and weigh down backpacks too. It made it hard to leave room for trinkets to carry home too. Luggage hinders so many people from going further and doing more while travelling, which is why what you pack (and how you do it) matters.

There were days I used to pack an abundance of stilettos, and fewer sandals and pumps – any other shoes were further from my mind. Now, the first thing I think of when preparing for another travel escapade, is sneakers. As a result of experience and means, I have a selection of sneakers that work to make me stylish and comfortable while exploring.

PUMA is my dependable and favoured sneaker brand; having been along with me on trips both locally and internationally. From rocking fashionable PUMA collaboration sneakers like the PUMA x UEG on photoshoots, to exercising & getting outdoorsy with the PUMA Jamming Fusefit Chameleon Sneakers & experiencing fashion weeks with the ‘Breakdancing Cities’ Sneaker, sneakers from this brand consistently make up my travel essentials.

Sneakers have become so versatile that I factor them into my styling for formal and informal occasions – fewer shoe numbers to pack, and more comfortable convenience to go forward with.

I know how to dress, so getting an eyebrow raise in the negative for my sneaker garb, is rare.

I believe the rule of thumb for packing shoes, is:

  • Pack 3 styles of shoes, and make sure each pair has multiple contexts they could work in.
  • Perhaps focus on a colour theme to direct your styling, and making it easy to re-wear looks in different combinations without clashing, should there be a need.
  • Are your sneakers quite large/clunky? Wear them while heading to your destination so that you can avoid taking up extra space in your luggage.
  • Ensure you have durable socks to keep your feet comfy – whether in the heat or ice cold.
  • Always break those sneakers in!

My latest travel sneaker is the PUMA x Mr Doodle Cali Wedge!

“London-based artist Sam Cox is known for his “graffiti spaghetti” doodles; he scribbles on everything from walls to furniture – and now shoes.”

I have been rolling with this particular pair of “white…black…dragon fire” coloured playfully doodled graphic sneakers ever since my president allowed domestic leisure travel in the late stages of 2020. From my Stylish Safe Stay’s at Victoria & Alfred Hotel, to rest & relaxation at Steenberg Hotel, and a City-to-Coast Escape at Cartel House Hotel, I’ve enjoyed strutting and exploring in these new sneakers.

These are great, as they also do one other Much-Needed task: the high platform adds height without someone having to tower on high heels. This PUMA collaboration yield is not lightweight, but by their quite gorgeous design, they make their weight worthwhile.

For future reference on what else to look for in sneakers though, consider:

  • Searching out breathable fabrics for your shoes,
  • Buying an environmentally-friendly pair, that are also built to minimize odor – if you can find them,
  • Not shying from colour – whether its in your comfort zone or not, try out at least one bold colored sneaker.

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