Decadent Threads: Pure Resort Style

I am such a fan of what fashion designers do with Resort collections, whether they are capsule collections, or full-scale readywear themed more for leisure. I really want to try travel with chic luggage saturated purely in colours and print one day, but I not only love how I feel in sophisticated classic colourways, but what it means for easy styling.

One of my most recent shopping finds, is such a gem – white, textured, and flattering in silhouette.

See, I was just looking for pieces for a straightforward photoshoot – browsing the racks at favoured trendy spots with big & tall girl size allowance. Even when shopping for somebody else, it’s a treat to run your fingers over wonderfully textured pieces in vibrant hues, and see the most inspired cuts of dresses and suits.

I never really have much hope of finding something in stores, that is both affordable and gorgeous in decent measure. However, Zara has its moments of stock surprises – this time: A textured white v-neck midi dress, made in Turkey, with elastic-trim puff sleeves at elbow length.

I adore the ruffled hem for how it sweeps the overall look from matronly, to pure resort style – helped along by the front fastening with its covered buttons. This ZARA dress ended up in my own wardrobe, rather than as it was intended while scouting. It journeyed with me during one of my last Stylish Safe Stay‘s of 2020 – debuting amid quiet luxury hospitality in the Cape.

Inarguably, this white dress is one of the most comfortable pieces I have ever bought, and I have no regrets. When winter rolls in, it would be easy for me to layer this dress up for the chill, or continue to re-style this piece into wildly inventive looks for different dress codes.

This is not a “nap dress“, nor is it exactly an evening gown.

This dress is a palate-cleansing sartorial move. Its the perfect way to kick-off summer, to feel refreshed, and to look memorable with ease. I have teamed it both with cute PUMA x Mr Doodle Cali Wedge sneakers, and even a mustard yellow Wedge heel.

Think you’d ever rock this piece?

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