Decadent Threads: Cocoon Cardigan, Coat or Both?

It may be summer in South Africa, but I know December brings chilly days and icy nights for those up north.

Cosy kitch sweaters tend to be the spice of the festive season in winter climates.

However, the straightforwardness of jackets, cardigans, and coats seem to hold true in most wardrobes, through every year and every season.

There’s not much change for the utilitarian coat.

Sure, you have stylish, and sometimes avant-garde trenchcoats and jackets in your wardrobe – experimental, wearable art de joie pieces to team with your bread & butter shirt and sneakers staples. But, come the seriousness of the winter season, it’s rare to find anyone who has actually done away with fundamental and pretty effortless jackets and coats, in lieu of the untested unconventional.

It’s an item that’s permanently crested in popularity, and justifiably so.

The fashion revolution that’s happened with outerwear though, lies more in textiles. Designers have chosen to be far more focused on unique textile creation; Textiles with functional duality.

The result of this thread-now-bared approach is far more sensual textured creations – rich with often pigmented colours, and far more durable (for some) for the demands of a climate-changed world.

Getting more and more popular with street style fashion lovers quick to trends, the pieces created with these, even more designer threads, are also garnering the ardour and investment of everyday people who have classic taste, and are challenged by bad weather.

ERRE‘s Bronze BOSS cocoon cardigan is an example of having mastery over your textile, and the skill to bring a simple design to life

…but also ensuring it becomes an instant essential because it isn’t trying too hard!

When I first tried the ERRE bronze cacoon cardigan’s black shrug counterpart, I wrote about how it was getting harder to wake up daily in the winter here, and how Cape Town’s barely unrelenting winds chill you to the bone.

Working from home means distancing from the bed, in order to get any decent work done. But that also brings exposure to the elements, and I do not like to be cold.

Alongside my cup of tea and slippers, I need robust and comfortable outerwear to wear even indoors.

The versatile black teddy coat envelops its wearer in warmth, in any of its iterations, and in so doing is much like the cocoon cardigan now available.

“It can be worn long, belted or loose, or folded in half in a shorter style. A very comfy and versatile garment. Belt included.”


Acrylic may not be a fabric to everyone’s taste, but it does the job needed here, of being thick and malleable to styling.

To style these now must-have ERRE essentials, pair them with very soft blouses or sweaters.

I favour cashmere, silk, and fluffy wool blends in neutral tones.

Some go bold with colour and shape in winter, but I keep my hues very earth-toned and muted in elegance.

Do you have a great outerwear find in your wardrobe?

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