Fashion Find: The Chic Dress Bringing Fresh ERRE to Travel Comfort

Short of the classic Little Black Dress (a.k.a The LBD) the Bow Dress from inspired South African fashion house ERRE, is the wardrobe Must-Have set to be a classic.

High fashion | Street Style | and even Insta-fashion
converge in one garment that pictures as well as it wears!

Seasoned travellers always advise people to pack light and pick wardrobe items that can go the distance, for example.

You want durable and stylish pieces; ones able to be re-styled into at least 3 other outfits.

When the design mavens of ERRE (Carina and Natasha) then put their creative minds, technical skills and down-to-earth fashion sensibilities together during the pandemic, they created what is arguably one of the best Ready-To-Wear items to come from a local label in the last decade.

The Fit & Flare Bow Dress is defined around silhouette flattery and comfort.

Coming in rich Morrocan blue, sophisticated black, bold red, and even enigmatic maroon, the Bow dress has a fitted bodice that flatters the bust line. The neckline doesn’t dip too much to be gauche, but showcases just enough to be tasteful.

Flaring out from the bodice and having two high slits, the dress’s skirt provides room and ventilation for the wearer not to overheat, nor feel constricted.

It’s what makes it a great travel dress, in part, because you can explore and eat to your heart’s content.

The fact that the stretch Crepe fit & flare dress also comes in sizes ranging from 32 – 42, also lets people of various sizes and shapes enjoy looking beautiful and comfortable without breaking the bank.

You’re meant to simply slip the mid-shin length dress on with no fuss – not even a zip – and then go about your day. It’s so incredibly well-crafted and durable that as I went about my own Eurotrip through France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy, I didn’t have to worry about laundering, packing carefully and moving about hurriedly.

The popularity of the bow (which sits on the shoulders of this dress) can obviously be tracked back through several fashion seasons, and featured prominently among famed designers’ collections such as Erdem, and Chanel (so much so that the black bow is synonymous), the 2020 Prabal Gurung Resortwear, and Givenchy too.

The 21/22 ERRE bow edition levels up and goes the distance. It is breathable too, and is a necessary part of any fashion-lovers wardrobe for another reason: It can work for both formal and informal settings.

Depending on your destination, wear the Bow dress formally – perhaps with a shoe with a contrasting texture, glittering accessories, and maybe even a faux fur or shimmering off-the-shoulder shawl.

Dress down too, with a comfortable sandal, a tote or Fanny Bag, maybe a jacket worn off the shoulder, and no other fixing.

The dress is truly utilitarian and sophisticated – in keeping with the fashion house’s design ethos (which includes power dressing), and so clear in the garments also captured & curated within ERREs own Instagram page.

Such necessary design chops are so hard to come by in the realm of accessible high fashion these days.

The Fit & Flare Bow Dress, by ERRE, is sure to become a sold out cult classic soon, so shop your favourite colour now!

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