Sparkling Wine Pedigree: The Bubbly & Beautiful Simonsig MCC

Made for more than Summer and eventing only, Simonsig’s line of Method Cap Classique (MCC) wines invite drinkers to pleasure their senses with bubbly fit for anyone willing to appreciate bold beauty.

The era of shortened attention spans continues, even in the realm of Food & Beverages. Institutions (and the fresher brands on the scene) are choosing to invigorate interest in their offerings through bold approaches to design, delivery, and taste. And in Simonsig’s case, they’re subsequently cementing themselves as quality frontrunners for people’s next wine shop.

The best part of the bubbling saga?
You don’t need to head to Champagne to taste some of the best sparkling wine out there.

The Cape does wine (and the wine experience) differently than many other places. Our wine country has estates with lineages that stretch back hundreds of years, but many are unafraid to embrace techniques, flavour profiles, and marketing styles that will bring in a host of new wine aficionados, whilst also reinvigorating existing clientele’s interests.

The result of approaching wine differently, and sparkling wine in specific, is a local and international wine-drinking market who are loving the bold, fizzy leaps.

Simonsig’s unsubtle MCCs are a prime example of the successes of this age.

In the face of some famous international champagne brands peddling pricey mediocrity, choose the value-for-money Kaapse Vonkel Satin Nectar Rosé 2021 (ZAR190 | $20) to delight with its crisp and punchy profile.

The appellation’s wet and cooler climate leading up to the handpicking harvest time meant a gradual ripening of the grapes, to the point where the eventual cuvée flavour became far richer than usual. This is a boon to any who drinks the resulting bottle-fermented sparkling wine.

It’s an energetic sparkling MCC laden with notes of strawberries and stone fruits. I came to thoroughly enjoy its effervescence from the very first glass too.

What it lacks in overall balance (depth mostly), is made up for in sheer drinkability – and that includes being Vegan-friendly too!

The light-bodied Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rosé 2021 (ZAR190 | $20) embodies Cape terroir and the spirit of youthfulness, by delivering a glass of one of the most vibrant and refreshing sparkling wines. With its soft bubbles and pale salmon hue, it simply delights along with the persistent mousse and berry bliss on the palate.

Fans of Pinot Noir, Pinotage, and Pinot Meunier will enjoy this one.

If a more crisp acidity is what you’re after with your next glass of bubbles, the Brut Rosé is the ideal pick!

Bubbly can be categorized according to 3 major grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier.
And production methodology tends to be limited to one type.

So the next time you’re looking to pop corks, reach for the incomparable Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel wines.

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