Anatomy of Good Tea: The Tea Chest’s PLŪKT Peace & Pleasure

Cold or hot, tea can be a blissful pleasure at any temperature. Tea quality, and flavour choice, are what truly counts though!

Tea categories and flavours are ever-evolving, daily – for well-being, for authentic moments, and even for straightforward aesthetics.

What eventually becomes clear through people’s Trial & Error sips, is whether one’s preference leans towards:

  • Black Tea,
  • or Green Teas
  • Pu-erh Tea
  • White Teas,
  • or Oolong.

From the privilege of blending at home, to buying into brands’ latest leaf offerings, the pleasure of tea springs from people revelling in the varied sensational tastes, effects, and calming rituals of preparing a cup of tea.

It’s only right to try something new this year then, in search of the next tea bliss.

The speciality niche PLŪKT teas may be in their infancy (founded in 2017), but they are making positive waves into this new year – beginning with their Nordic Black Tea.

Available from The Tea Chest, the PLŪKT Nordic Black Tea is a premium creation born from Māra Lieplapa and Līga Lieplapa’s storied experiences in the tea market, through travel, and within the scientific community, where sophisticated traditionalism and dynamic modernity often clash and sometimes marries to interesting results.

Northern Europe’s take on tea, in this instance, comes:
caffeine-free, organic, and GMO-Free.

25 pyramid-style tea bags, contained in a beautiful tin box that can better store the tea gems, offer up a taste of wild meadows and the forests of Northern Europe.

PLŪKT’s teas are plucked from between the 1 300+ different herbs naturally growing in their organic fields. 

When steeped just right, the prominence of the hand-picked fermented Fireweed, in its biodegradable bag, can be both calming and exciting – easily enjoyed hot, or chilled while you go about your life.

I recommend a smidge of raw honey to soften the edge that the tannin brings.

This tea is said to be both healthy and refreshing, in part due to it being rich in minerals – and a lesser caffeine evil for tea lovers like me who gorge themselves on regular black teas.

With sustainability in mind, PLŪKT gains additional points by also going further as an environmentally-conscious company, with their business & brand model making efforts to raise awareness of Northern Europe biodiversity, and why it matters to preserve it.

Drop your biodegradable tea bag into the compost, to do your part!

The PLŪKT Nordic Black Tea lets any drinker enjoy a Masterclass in satisfaction through tea from organic fields, without having to go through a preparation process too steeped in stuffy traditions.

By my recommendation:

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