Anatomy of Good Tea: DIY Iced Tea from The Tea Chest SA

It’s a creative process, good for your health, can possibly convert a hot-drink hater, and the best ones leaves & bags are readily available from The Tea Chest SA right now.

Iced tea – and quality tea, at that!

Some like it hot (like me), while some only have it only chilled (my mother); Tea is very much a polarizing beverage, surprisingly – though most people loathe it because prior experience has had them sampling cups made incorrectly to their tastes.

The key to great Iced Tea, is in QUALITY water AND tea steeping time.

See the number one rule I have with drinks, is: ALWAYS know what your personal preferences are, and don’t be afraid to bastardize the standard recipe to suit your tastes!

Did you know there are Sweet Teas, Sweetened Teas (there’s a difference!), Unsweetened teas, and Tea recipe options with healthy natural sweetening additives too?

So, when you’re working with the very best in recipes and ingredients from the start, it becomes an adventure to DIY beverages you’re craving, knowing that they’re far more likely to come out tasting great to you.

This is also where teas from The Tea Chest come in.

With the finest imported loose leaf and bagged teas from brands such as TWG, this company levels up local tea offerings with flavours and blends which are fresh, aromatic, and versatile – sealed in quality-assuring packaging to ensure they reach customers in their best form fit for enjoyment.

I’ve enjoyed teas from Norway and Singapore, France, and India, and that’s been on my dime! [No sponsorship] So, I can attest to how great the teas from The Tea Chest are, without a stake.

Want to enjoy Tea your own way?

Want to use up some leftover pots of tea at home, or DIY your own home tea options?

Here are 3 ways How…


All you need to do is grab an empty ice tray, or silicon mould you can pour into, and pour your tea into the spaces, and then chill them in the freezer.

Feel free to be adventurous with fruit rinds, or cucumber to create excitement with your would-be ice blocks/sticks/moulded shapes.

You can use these ice blocks for cocktails – which means you’ll be infusing your drink with the tea flavour and not just plain water.

You can use the ice blocks, in quickly chilling a jug/pitcher of tea for your next sip of Iced Tea.

You can also use these tea ice blocks in other ways, to enhance desserts, chill glasses, favour water, and more.


  • Room Temperature Water
  • Have 1 teabag per jug/pitcher
  • You can choose to sweeten your tea with sugar syrup or honey (or Condensed milk for those not weight-watching)
    • all measured out and poured in to dissolve overnight
  • Infuse your teabag and the water in a container in the fridge overnight (± 12hrs)
  • Remove the teabag after ±12 hour infusion, and drink chilled (ice blocks can be added for further coolness and flavouring).
  • *PRO TIP: Garnish your iced tea with fresh lemon or lime, and mint. (Salt too, if you’re a fan of Margharita-style cocktails)


  • Add just-boiled fresh water into a teapot
  • Add loose-leaf tea into the infuser, and then put it into the teapot
  • Steep tea ONLY for the duration you like tea strength at when hot (±30sec – 5min)
    • More time steeped means stronger, and sometimes more bitter tea, thanks to the tannin.
  • Remove the tea infuser, and slip Sweetener in if you want to
  • Fill an empty jug/pitcher with ice and then pour sweetened and infused tea in
  • Wait for the drink to cool in the jug/pitcher
  • Pour the cooled tea into an ice-filled glass, and enjoy.

Any questions?

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