Fashion Find: IMPRINT Shawl Impacting Street Style & Homeware

In what is truly a seminal moment in this evolving South African brand’s journey, the unisex IMPRINT shawl is set to be one of the most coveted pieces in one’s wardrobe AND in home interiors.

When the Afro-Futuristic fashion house’s AW23 collection strutted its way down the SA Menswear Week runway in bold duotone colourways, the audience’s energy visibly shifted – awareness heightened, they leaned forward and snapped more photographs and video than I’d seen yet.

They were riveted, and so was I.

The designer, Mzukisi Mbane, champions Pan-African representation through their work.

In their latest Fall collection, they took the brightness, prints and patterns that had become their staple and brought the richest texture, impactful original print, and vibrant colourscapes, to their fashion house’s archives.

From this season onward, they’re in a new league in global fashion – the kind that’s appealing beyond their core market, visibly worth it, and tempting its way into people’s lives in diverse ways.

Using feathers and print sparsely but tastefully, IMPRINT levelled up chic woven separates amid their Homecoming [BUYELKHAYA CHAPTER 2] collection, for example – inviting fashion lovers and ordinary people to have a luxe knit piece that is simultaneously beautiful, memorable, and functional for daytime and after hours.

IMPRINT has left its mark on my new apartment too.

From my bedroom to my lounge, for tea times and quick errands, the knit shawl has shown its usefulness and durability – proving it to be an aesthetic fashion piece that’s functional too!

And as a Xhosa woman with a love of fashion and a fear of exploring prints & patterns, IMPRINT’s shawl is an opportunity to tap into traditional symbolism, challenge personal taste, and revel a little in the trendy – all with just one piece!

Here’s to hoping IMPRINT eventually delves into Must-Have rugs, tableware, and even cushion covers soon. I think I’m finally ready to embrace more print!

If you’ve always wanted to get one of Africa’s freshest fashion finds while it’s hot:

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  1. ABSOLUTELY! I am obsessed with it.
    And its extra awesome that its a Proudly South African brand too!

  2. This shawl is so beautiful.

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