Culinary Quest: Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia

There’s something special hidden in the Cape’s suburban mountainscape.

In between vast expanses of lush greenery and the smattering of stately houses which became homes, is a sustainability-minded eatery unlike few others in the country.

Here, at the crest of Constantia Nek, is a place conducive to good conversation with people, as with food & wine.

It is a South African restaurant doing intriguing things with its predominantly farm-grown ingredients. They also have a 2023 Winter Menu that tastes like cosy homebound comfort, while being plated with elite Fine Dining flair.

And it is still (blessedly) currently accessible to the masses, all while having been designed with sophisticated taste, exclusivity, and uniqueness in mind.

This is Chefs Warehouse, Beau Constantia.

Image courtesy of Claire Gunn

With several sibling outposts – one along the Atlantic seaboard (Tintswalo Atlantic), and great news about the acclaimed Franschhoek Winelands one (Maison) managing to keep its doors open after a brief and mournful period when its future seemed to be closure Chefs Warehouse is a restaurant brand that has made its name from a dance between innovative modernity, and endearing itself with elements of culinary traditionalism and African-infused nostalgia.

Additionally, the wine offerings at the perched nook for the peckish (Beau Constantia), for example, go only from good to great.

The boutique wine farm with its cubed glass building feature, is often teeming with wine lovers throughout the week though – considered a destination not just for special occasions and terrace-side summers, but year-round repeat visits from spontaneous wine-tasting locals.

Beau Constantia just also happens to be home to one of the most articulate and hearty Fine Dining experiences in the hemisphere, because more than anything: it’s about feeding body, mind, and the ever-ferocious appetites of locals’ taste buds and feasting eyes.

Whether solo, there for a meeting or even with family & friends, people bound for Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia want to gorge themselves on the edible art plated for them, as much as they wish to share their feast with the world online.

You’ll find guests dining in the open-plan restaurant, with phone cameras never too far away from their table, but never on fellow diners (while respectful sounding, it’s more that they’re taken with the views out the floor-to-ceiling windows, and their own food dishes!).

There is one distinct dining experience on offer at Chefs Warehouse this season: A multi-course Tasting Menu

Chefs at this establishment keep the course of many a decent restaurant around here, by going seasonal with their produce and curated meals.

Seeing the likes of Jerusalem artichokes and root vegetables on your plate is entirely possible for winter – but delivered unlike anything you’ve ever bitten into.

The winter menu and kitchen are clearly where culinary creativity married technique; And the guests’ content restaurant exists when I visited, is the unequivocal triumph of the place. This is a menu built with texture and mouthfeel, vibrant colour, and flavoursome terroir in mind.

Together with my fellow Travel Writer friend, we worked our way through four courses which managed to satiate two hearty and carnivorous eaters.

While the house Risotto bears the warmest markers of local & global cuisine done well, there is something stand-out about the soft, warm, and creamy “We Eat With Our Hands” second course that I’d definitely recommend!

Beef Tartare, Liver Parfait, Mushroom Emulsion, pillowy Steamed Buns, Bramble Jellies, Flowers & Herbs – and all of it, a delicious symphony once scooped into your mouth!

But guests need not settle for my foodie picks when the Set Menu includes Pear Flan served with Blue Cheese Mousse, Smoked Pecan Nut & Thyme Relish, as well as accompanying aged Balsamic, and ribbons of crunchy pastry, too.

There’s Coal-Fired Linefish, Char-Grilled Tuna, and even Vegan Dessert too – newer, as well as classic culinary choices reimagined in their preparation here, to wholly unique finishes.

Simply touch base with the restaurant when booking, to secure a Set Menu experience fit for a Pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan appetite too!

One of Chef Warehouse restaurant’s most notorious calling cards – drawing in an eclectic mix of guests and respectful nods from around the world – is the series of near-wine-focused dining experiences showcasing both local wine varietals in tandem with the results of some of the most talented chefs to come from Africa labouring in their kitchens.

Peep into the now expanded kitchen at Beau Constantia any time, and you’ll spot up-and-coming demi-chef talents (some under the Mark Mbotya internship program), as well as heavyweights to the culinary world, like newly-appointed Head Chef Chad Graham and Chef-patron Ivor Jones.

The restaurant choosing to prioritize local, yields rewards for all involved – beginning with the diner!

However, Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia need not lord their amazing ethos, or a medley of restaurant awards, to be worthy of your consideration for your next meal out – though the restaurant and its patron chef have plenty to speak of.

Chefs Warehouse’s location, vistas, design, food, and hospitality delivery, speak for themselves.

They’re a restaurant with:

  • a clear identity
  • a focus on fine food that feeds body, conversation, creativity, and Instagram Feeds
  • a commitment to equal efficient service
  • and an all-around value-for-money proposition you should not resist!

It may not consistently taste like they have an overly emotional approach to gastronomy, but there is warmth and surprise in most of their dishes, and that’s a treat!

And if nothing else: It is worth the meandering drive along a World Wonder alone, to take in the view not even the best camera can truly do justice.

By my Recommendation:


+27 (021) 794 8632

📍 1043 Constantia Main Road, Constantia Neck, Cape Town

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