What’s for Lunch: Yours Truly

While unashamedly marinating in the stereotype of a graduate spending hours on end parked in some dingy lit corner cafe, mainlining coffee and searching for jobs online, I decided to spend the last of my hoarded survival money on a hearty and healthy lunch. I usually pass by this shop whenever I roam Long Street, and snap pictures of their storefront. Today, I decided to try exercising my well-worn stereotype in this cafe, called: “Yours Truly”.

It is the epitome of archetypal New York Bistro – A modern space complete with oak, rosewood, teak and Mahogany wood tables, benches, in-laid wall structure and firewood. Vintage pieces reminiscent of winter hunting cabin-style decor and throwback 90s nostalgia decorate their shelves, or are mounted on their walls.

They have a coffee counter lined with all manner of coffee-accompanying yum yum goodies, and some of the cement walls have a black and white wallpaper print that deserves to be on my Pinterest Board.
IMG_4292Their food is totally fresh…like the avocado’s in their sandwiches can stay ripe green the whole day. I’m quite smitten with it all. The menu includes organic and fatty options for every dietary preference. They have gourmet sandwiches made with brie, ciabatta rolls, Jalapenos and other such pretentious-sounding but ultimately tasty as hell ingredients, and drinks such as Kombucha, Ginseng&Ginger tea, Theonista Chai Latte etc.IMG_4300

I, myself, ordered an Iced Mocha and a gourmet sandwich made of: Beef tomatoes, avocado, Italian style Salami, Cheddar Cheese, fresh iceberg lettuce served on pumpkin seed rye.IMG_4310

That ish was so filling. I’m sleepy trying to deal with digesting all this.


Pop by here sometime. The prices are good and the vibe is welcoming.


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