Cape Town foodie escapades: Sunset Café Review

Any restaurant or bar dwelling within range of the luxurious Camps Bay sea-shore, has the intrinsic benefit of accessible refinery and a healthy dose of sunny chill vibes.

On Saturday, I vacated my stuffy apartment for the fresh air on Victoria Road. Sunset Cafe located right on the Camps Bay strip – welcomed me with warm arms and weather.


Looking like a luxury island beach bar, the Sunset Café is a cute little cocktail lounge, nestled at the entrance to The Bay Hotel.

It’s actually kind of different to the rest of the restaurants on the strip, considering  its kitsch scale and decor. I’m a fan of their ceiling vine/flower situation.

“Patrick Symington (Mondiall) and Simon Fraser (founder of Earthcote Paints), have created a fantastic locals bar setting positioned to become Camps Bay’s most alluring social hub this summer.”

Arriving to a sparsely populated patio area, we were shown to our table (with just enough foot traffic trickling by in the midday sun, to placate my people-watching soul.) The food menu in the cafe, may be a one-pager, but Sunset Cafe’s notoriety comes from their drinks – specifically? BOMB ASS COCKTAILS!


I got me a tall glass of the La Mer – a sunset cocktail consisted of: Whitley Neill, Bols Blue, Absinthe Rinse (YAY!I absolutely love the green fairy), Lemon, Dill & Soda. The establishment considers the La Mer to be a quaffable, modern, blue drink with dimension and complexity.

I found it wanting.

For a drink with such ingredient range, I found it sadly lacking the taste dexterity its menu synopsis implied.

However, Sunset Cafe redeemed itself when I replaced the La Mer, with The Moseley, marrying a delicious combo of : Snow Leopard, Earl Grey, Lime, Soda, and Grapefruit.

You guys….guuuuuys!

Infatuation is this spelt grain vodka and grapefruit aroma, paired with notes of one of my all-time favorite flavors,  Bergamot rich Earl Grey!

I think I’ve replaced my Classic Mojito love.



I was excited to have chicken wings, ever since Neighborhood – a trusty hearty meal, and wing heaven restaurant on Long Street – closed down permanently.

Sunset Cafe delivered some free range smokey chicken wings with sticky asian BBQ sauce, for my starter. The sheer size of the wings constitute a full meal in and of itself. LOVED IT!

The chicken wings may have tasted okay, but the sauce was yumyum. They should bottle it, and sell it to me (you’re not allowed to have any. Its all mine!)

Following the sticky experience that was the wings, came some Springbok Carpaccio.

For those not in the know, the Carpaccio at Sunset Cafe is actually shavings of raw Springbok  meat. The norm is that the meat should be sliced so ultra-thin that one should almost be able to see the plate through them.



A little heavy on the plated honey, and light on the creme freshe, carrots and spring onion. The meat was, however, delicately sliced and intriguingly textured morsels of 6/10.

What the dish needed was honey vinaigrette, topped with roasted almonds, Parmesan shavings, and a balsamic reduction swirl perhaps.

Next up comes the main situation: The Sunset Burger, with its spiced angus beef patty, fresh tomato, lettuce, smokey cheese, balsamic caramelized onions, and a side of homemade potato wedges.



A disappointing 5/10 as far as all-round taste goes. It’s damn filling, but a bland dining option amid the other options in Camps Bay. Maybe more spices next time, yeah?!

For the average rating of 5/10 that the cafe gets based predominantly on its food, I am very interested in diligently working my way through their drinks menu.

I have a feeling there are some precious liquid combinations made to be enjoyed by colorful me…and maybe you?

Sunset Cafe

69 Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town

Open 7 days a week

09:30am – 02:00am

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