Cape Town foodie Escapades: SeaBreeze Fish & Shell Review

Even in the throes of Fall, seafood is a steady craving floating through your head, seeking resolution.

Those lucky enough to have their feet firmly placed on Cape Town soil, are close to some of the most delectable seafood cuisine – remastered into scrumptious delight, by world-renowned chefs in restaurant residence.

Today’s foodie escapade takes us to one such establishment, endowed with the warm airs & charms of inner city eateries, as well as a league of capable and celebrated gastronomy craftsman.

Say hello to SeaBreeze Fish & Shell.

“Celebrating the Mother City’s rich seafood heritage, our focus is on sourcing local, sustainable seafood presented creatively and with a lighter touch.”

Sitting high on the prominent foodie lane of Bree Street, SeaBreeze Fish & Shell is a crisp nook, with an inviting terrace, resting its strength on delivering the freshest seafood to its visitors – not shocking taste palates, but easing people into interesting new taste avenues, using seafood you know…and even some mother nature rarely allows ethical fishers to capture.

Seeing the establishment from the outside already pushes your senses to smell faint traces of the sea, while entering its doors is like being welcomed warmly, to a sophisticated seaside vacation villa for lunch – all the airs of class and quality, with none of the coldness.

Beige browns ease into deep cool blue tones, and white tempers what would have been overwhelmingly dark sea depths. The stark white paint plays well with the bright yellow furnishings sprinkled about, as well as the rich, textured textile cushions of some of the chairs.

The liveliest thing about SeaBreeze Fish & Shell, is its people, the oyster shucking happening live at the Oyster bar, the natural light streaming in from carefully angled windows, and the beach accents reimagined into new tasteful deco items.

…but what of the food?

My Meal

My waiter was beyond well-informed on SeaBreeze’s contemporary seafood offerings, and made the recommendation to begin with oysters. Deciding not to overload myself with the aphrodisiac, I tried only a few of their plump Knysna, Saldanha Bay and Luderitz oysters.

Respectively, they were the loveliest I’d honestly ever had; and I could genuinely taste the difference. The restaurants vinaigrette is what separates SeaBreeze’s oyster situation from others in the city. There is something about the white wine, red wine vinegar, MCC and Shallots sauce which – I do not exaggerate saying – blew my mind!

An incredible taste explosion.

The Knysna oyster I had was dressed with cucumber, lime , horseradish and amasi, while I had the Saldanha and Luderitz oysters with a touch of Tobasco, and it was a wild adventure through the ocean deep.

SeaBreeze’s head chef trained in the south of France, and has a juxtaposed spirited outlook on menu development.

While an echo of SeaBreee Fish & Shell‘s original menu remains, the current one-page menu encompasses South Africans love of tradition…with a twist!This is a menu contingent on the catch of the day; and today his chef highness recommended Hake Fish Soup of the Day; and I, being of sound mind and hungry stomach, acquiesced to try it out.

Worth it!

It was good…perhaps unfortunate that the hake wasn’t seasoned in any spicy way, to create more dexterity in flavors, but it’s still easy enough to enjoy the dish’s uncomplicated vibe.

The chef also urged me to be more adventurous with my main meal, and so a Carpenter Fish made with pea veloute and chorizo, was nigh, with all the carb fixings.

Did you know that: You can scan the barcode on your SeaBreeze Fish & Shell menu, and be privy to important information like who caught that particular fish on your plate today, and other such ethically sound details?! SeaBreeze works on sustaining small local businesses in a pretty cool way, while engaging with occupants of the ocean humanely.

I am not a patient eater, so eating a full fish with bones demands so much of me. My waiter and chef took pity on me, and re-plated my later deboned fish…and then I gorged myself because nomnomnom so good!

The veggies were crunchy and retained their flavor during the cooking process, which is always a bonus.

The fish had no deeply concentrated flavors, but every mouthful danced lightly over tastebuds – teasing my need for more spice, but satisfying my tummy with pleasant chunks.

I LOVE CARBS! The well-seasoned potato wedges were thus, well received.



Apple Crumble Cheese cake from SeaBreeze is nice – neither overwhelming, nor underwhelming. It’s a good way to walk away from the restaurant content.

Have it with an Americano rather than finishing off a glass of bubbly or white wine. Trust me!


It’s been a hit in Summer, and I don’t think the Fall season will be any different – not with their Oyster Happy Hour, and lunch specials.

Tapas-lovers can be satiated at SeaBreeze, thanks to that small plates menu section. They aren’t selfish with options here though, so shellfish aside – diners can order what sounds like yummy hake ceviche with tuna niçoise, maybe simple hake and chips, some pasta, or even fish pie!

I’m really loving this spot guys. It get’s a 8/10.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

The ingredients from all the food, seem just genuinely fresh and healthy, but a perusal of the menu (using carnivorous eyes)shows no specific dishes dedicated to that Vegan life. Vegetarians may have sides to nibble on, but this here place is truly for seafoodie’s.

Please contact the restaurant to get a specific idea of whether they can accommodate your dietary requirements.

What of the drinks & booze?

For many would shudder at the notion of a one-page wine list…but SeaBreeze curates a condensed list of awesome drinks to accompany your meals, so fret not!

I’m rather partial to Graham Beck MCC and Simonsig wines, though Steenberg wines and some of the blends SeaBreeze offers, sure do go down easy too.

There are 5 of 9 MCC’s on SeaBreeze’s wine menu, which can be purchased affordably(ZAR60) by the glass (as is rarely the case these days), so diners can experience a range of proudly South African winemakers in one sitting.

*P.S: There are soft drinks, juice and water for the non-boozers.

SeaBreeze Fish & Shell get’s an all-round 8/10.

SeaBreeze Fish & Shell

211 -213 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday : 12h00 – 21h30
Sunday: Closed

Tel: +27 (0)74 793 9349


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