Cape Town Foodie Escapades: Waverley Hills Review

“It all comes back to the basics. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they’ll keep coming back.” – Dave Thomas

You could probably count, on one hand, the number of places you would willingly travel hours to, for a single meal.

The food needs to have amassed a reputation for excellence, to even warrant a 1 hour + roadtrip towards the outskirts of Cape Town.

…And here we are.

Today’s foodie escapade pushed the bounds of my comfortable dining radius, and delivered a wholesome Sunday lunch worthy of turning away a hearty, traditional roast.

Say hello to Waverley Hills Restaurant.

Waverley Hills begins showcasing it’s prowess, with their organically certified wines – impressive in the environmental & healthy-conscious way Waverley approaches manufacturing their renowned wines.

“Wineries and especially their vineyard workers are breathing a sigh of relief as natural techniques replace chemical technology at Waverley Hills. Working with nature produces a set of positive, even unintended results that help produce better wines…we are moving away from a system based on inputs of chemicals, to a management-based system of grape-growing, establishing a “green approach” to winemaking.” – Waverley Hills

…but what of the food?

My Meal

“There are a couple of dishes whose removal would certainly cause a riot, which is why we’ve left the blue cheese snail parcels with parsley garlic dressing; and, pampoenkoekies with bacon and a thyme butterscotch sauce, just where they are,” – Chef Francois

For the eating lightweights of the world, starters at Waverley can be enjoyed in their size, as light mains.

I began my foray into their generous Winter menu, with some Prawn bisque.

The prawn oil and pea puree flavors really come out after you give the bowl a swirl together. When conversing with the welcoming Chef Francois du Toit, I did mention how the pea puree appeals visually, but is a bit of a question mark taste-wise. The otherwise smooth and soft sea flavors swimming in your mouth, may be better met without the peas…or maybe with a shock of spicy heat.

The Gambas pil pil – prawns fried in spiced paprika garlic parsley oil – is nothing to sniff at. This dish makes for a heart-warming culinary experience.

Grab a piece of the Ciabatta bread, and have it!

My main meal had one simple requirement: size!

I ordered the Venison loin, with beetroot jus, honey caramelized baby beetroot, and smoked potato mash.

I’ve never had venison, and Chef Francios really delivered a wonderful introduction to it, with his take. Soft, medium well-done, and matched beautifully with everything else plated, this is the Sunday alternate to a traditional roast.

My friend ordered a particularly lavish Beef fillet/sirloin.

Waverley’s Chef Francois really strives to give visitors a home-cooked meal a cut above the norm.

The chefs dedication is evident in the way the beef was balanced rather well, with beef marrow mushroom ketchup, roast truffle flavored baby onions and potato cream. The ingredients may be high-end, but this dish is not full of itself. It’s a comfortable treat.


Listen, the Apple Lemon Cake with Apple cinnamon caramel, or the Chocolate Brownie

Order them, and then thank me later.

‘Nuff said!


I really liked the fireplace burning in a laid back country atmosphere, while I overlook snow-capped mountains. The delicious food resulted in a mad case of lethargy – which I slept off at the stunning Orchard Stay.

In any season, premier destination Waverley Hills, is where you want to go for quality food a little far from the city.

The wildlife on the farm, as well as the abundance of bird, also help in securing this location as an idyllic Cape eatery to escape to for an afternoon.

For its simple comforts and affordable Blackboard Specials, Waverley Hills Restaurant get’s an 7/10.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

If they make organic wine, you’ve got to trust that their menu brings it!

Waverley Hills Restaurant is said to use only the freshest of ingredients – commendably from local producers, as well as their seasonal permaculture garden.

This means whatever is on your plate, is probably some of the freshest grub you’ll ever bite into. While a confined menu, it doesn’t leave anybody out(even pescetarians get a shout-out nibble), and offers up atleast a measure of options for the vegetarian inclined.

Please do consult their menu for a true idea of how accommodating they are for vegans.

What of the drinks & booze?

Most of the dishes listed in the Waverley Hill Restaurant menu, are accompanied by wine suggestions you should strongly drink into. They are honestly, delectable wines.

Try the Waverley Cabernet with no-added sulphites(what even are those?!), or the frankly ridiculously yummy Waverley Pinot Grigio.

Coffee, and other hot drinks like hot chocolate, are there for the taking. Stick to simple water too, or order a soft drinks.

Waverley Hills Restaurant get’s an all-round 8/10.

Waverley Hills

R46, Wolseley, 6830, Western Cape, South Africa

Opening Hours
Breakfast & Lunch:
Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00 – 16.00 & Sunday: 11.00 – 15.00
Wednesday: 18:30 – 22:00 & Friday: 18.30 – 22.00
Tel: (+27)023 231 0002


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