Top 5 Stunning South African Hospitality Options Every Traveler Has to Visit in 2019 (Part 1)

Ask a regular South African off the street, what they’d sell South Africa as, if given the option to redevelop & repackage this ‘Rainbow Nation’, as something other than what it stands for today.

The response may surprise you.

While those in the South African tourism industry choose to perpetuate the ofttimes harmful one-track stereotypes enthusiastically emphasized in global popular culture, regular South Africans are actually using their social media platforms, as well as the networking prowess they’re oblivious to having mastered while defending their ‘Millennia’l labels (and Beyonce), to promote a more contemporary image of Africa. These folks are, unwittingly, acting as the linchpin from which – hopefully – a grand evolution of change may explode the tourism industry, and propel it into a new way of thinking of South Africa, and operating within it.

I want to be one of those agents of change within this arena; and therein lies the purpose of today’s blog post.

In picking up on the worlds 2018 Travel & Lifestyle trends, I hope 2019 will continue to seduce people of varying demographics, into travelling the roads less traveled (as they begin to prioritize individual mental & physical wellness more), as well as conceptualizing itinerary’s for short and long getaways, which provide entertainment, relaxation and education, all at once.

Over the last 3 years, I have experienced a fair few exquisite getaways scattered throughout the Cape region of South Africa specifically. These hospitality offerings are, honestly, without reproach; guests left wanting for nothing (…except perhaps Netflix in some instances).

1. The Hampton’s Revival

I remember my first visit to this humbly opulent Hampton’s-style beach house, sitting along the historic Pearl Bay beachfront: The heady excitement burning through the flu & exhaustion I was soldiering through after fashion week.

The arrival was quick and calm; And I never heard such a soothing soundtrack to an idyllic ocean view, framed by fynbos-laden sand dunes.

The three-storey, white shingle-clad White House Beach Villa, is an hour-long drive from thee cosmopolitan Cape Town.

Soak up uninterrupted sunsets, while sipping complimentary bubbly atop the modern minimalist decor situated in the villas various spaces, made of rich textures and natural materials.

To sell you on this hospitality option, I have 2 secret weapons (well 3 if you count the roaming ostriches): The master bedroom & The outdoor features.

The bedroom may present thee most optimal option for consummate seclusion, romance & comfort, but it is the fact that one need only slide the patio doors open wide, to experience an unforgettable kaleidoscope sunset from the toasty bed, that elevates this villa as a lovely getaway choice.

However, I am drawn to baths; and this master bedroom has a tub which can be enjoyed while letting the literal beachfront smack you upside the head.

The villa’s outdoor A+ feature is the outdoor shower guests get to wash off the beach grime at.

…oh, by the way: Forget Safari’s! Ostriches roaming while you bite down on breakfast, has to be an intriguing draw.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

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Address: 180 Dassen Island Dr, Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa


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2. The City Slicker

Some speculate that Cape Town’s central business district has had its peak hospitality moment…that all that remains is a desolate landscape of cookie-cutter (literal) sleeper cells.

I think ‘some’ need to stop speculating, and start seeking out the whispering gems, because I found one easily.

Purple House‘s Shortmarket Street Apartment, is a neat gem I discovered in Cape Towns second oldest public site: Greenmarket Square.

The bespoke hospitality collection operating this apartment (whose HQ rests in Green Point’s celebrated De Waterkant sub-district) is not committed to pushing local and international travelers towards cliche’d hospitality offerings saturated in ‘African’-themed archetypes, but rather the convenience & comfort of contained contemporary luxury for young professionals, families, friends and vagabonds alike.

History confronts the present when observing the Apartment complex’s rusty-red exterior, and the glossy entryway of the apartment block. One exits the charming elevator of old, and unlocks a bright 77m2 art deco en-suite open plan apartment, which allows a seamless flow between the almost corporate suite-style spaces.

Tasteful antiquities, the finery of delicate china, and ethereal artwork, matched with glossy wood floors, a literal cool ‘Turkish Blue’ color palate, and the joyous acoustics of the nearby market, welcome guests warmly to their distinctively decorated temporary home.

The bedroom, with its crisp double bed, cheeky utilitarian suitcase-looking cupboard, and a clothing rail any traveler worth their salt understands they need, has all the essentials.

…and the bathroom?  Well who has qualms with the option of a big ass shower and bath, as well as a large wall-mounted mirror?

Choosing Shortmarket Street Apartment means you’ll be privy to, not only a lovely fully equipped suite, but a welcoming space in the center of the Mother City.

Some of my favorite equipment, making me feel at home, include:

  • The Nespresso coffee machine, which I diligently used daily.
  • Uncapped and seamless Internet Access  – an absolute need for any traveling professional.
  • Stylish SMEG domestic appliances.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

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Address: 34 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000


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3. The Country House

Allée Bleue has a whole host of accommodation options on offer, but it is the Manor House (FYI: previously a storage bard) which exemplifies the expansive grandeur of a true country house, glamoured progressively by Emil & Gundel Sogor.

Drive down the scenic country roads of the Cape for a bit, and you’ll end up at this famed & sleepy Franschhoek estate’s ‘blue avenue’, wherein surprisingly warm ultra modernist interiors at the Manor House, harmoniously marry country tradition to great effect.

Fraschhoek is beloved for its serenity, award-winning wine culture, and lazy summer days. Allée Bleue is one of the oldest wine farms within the area, which contributes to the reputation admirably.

Unlike many others on the list, this spot comes with an arsenal of additional offerings, like: a fresh produce shop for visitors to shop at, a bistro for breakfast, fully equipped event & conference venues, and picnic dining experiences in order to frolic about on the estate grounds.

The sum of Allée Bleue could be limited to the Cape Dutch architecture used to construct the Manor House, but the interior refuses to be pushed to the side as another Cape country house.

Guests whom book the Manor House, get access to:  a terrace, 2 private luxury suites, reception rooms, dining quarters, wireless internet access, and 24-hour security.

There is also a hosting bar area bedecked in earthstone necklaces, a study area on the first floor, parking galore across the estate, a wine tasting lounge a short walk away from any of the buildings, as well as a bistro for your complimentary breakfast.

Signature paint effects, and Emil Sogor artworks which loom impressively from the walls of the reception rooms and elegant dining areas, make an impression at all hours of the day – as does the cheese & wine greeting, laid out to guests (DEAR GOD! The Cranberry Blue Cheese people!).

One gets their value for money with the Manor suites, due to: the sheer size of the room, the soft linen, thick towels (…and gowns. Oh! Those cloud-like gowns), well-stocked amenities, and multiple flat screen televisions.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Simonsig Wine Estate(Click here for full review)

Address: Intersection R 45 and R310, Groot Drakenstein 7680, South Africa


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4. The Bountiful Orchard

Plentiful is the Orchard Stay Hospitality bounty!

Guests of this pear orchard farm (braced within the Het Land van Waveren valley), are gifted more than just a warm place to lay your head in “wine country”.

Driving up to Orchard Stay‘s particular corner on the farm (after roadtripping passed rivers, suburbs, and the longest wine route in the world), might initially underwhelm. You’re welcomed with a narrow driveway and one rectangular radius window framed by the palest beige paneled wall, that reveals nothing of what sits beyond its condensed, ordinary form.

Then you step a foot on to the grass embankment…

On its own, the view, which stretches out towards animated waters, unending rows of empty orchards, and the shadowed Mostertshoek Mountain yonder, is stunning.

…but then you turn right, adrenaline rushes through your veins, excitement bringing an involuntary smile to your face, and you’re left awed as you gaze upon the large, two-bedroom, single story farmhouse.

Inside, is a house with beautiful and crisp interiors populating an almost cavernous space, that will leave Instagram users salivating to redesign their living spaces with cool & simple interior design techniques worthy of a Pinterest board.

Pops of color step away from making this house art deco, thanks to the generous use of comforting, textured prints on high threadcount pillowcases and chairs, as well as a woven rug spanning a significant portion of the lounge space. The grounded, and titillating taste level and humor of the owners, is best revealed in the fine prints decorating the blank walls in the bedrooms and lounge.

When you stay at Orchard Stay, you get access to: a wraparound terrace, 2 private suites and their king-sized bed (a twin convertible bed available too), dining quarters inside and outside, a terrace coffee nook, wireless internet access, and a fully functioning security systems. My favorite facilities offered, are: the minimalist finished bathrooms decorated in opulent orchids, and the fan-frikken-tastic Eco-Pool & Hot Tub.

Never heard of an eco-pool, so I got an education from Orchard Stay‘s Tammy. A pool like this is safe to use, and is essentially a swimming pool wherein the water is filtered through the wetland, to keep it clean and clear.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Waverley Hils (Click here for full review)

Address: Platvlei Farm, Wolseley, 6830, South Africa


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5. The Majestic Escape

Image courtesy of Majeka House

Stellenbosch is a historic suburban town, with interesting little galleries, an alfresco cafe culture, and proximity to amazing wine estates – all under an hours drive from the Mother City of Cape Town.

Blessedly lush, even during dry-spells, Stellenbosch provides visitors the opportunity to experience a bit of the famed Cape Wine Route, before arriving at the luxurious, owner-managed pocket of paradise, with the airs of a gated community.

Majeka House is a 23-room 2-storey boutique hotel & spa, managing the incredible feat of providing each guests with an indisputably gorgeous enclave of privacy – with some of the most high-spec finishes, and a whole lot of character.

Check-in is a warm and succinct process, while the journey to any of the rooms, is a lesson in walking away from your stresses (and into relaxation) as you patter passed the hotels beautifully manicured towering trees and shrubbery.

You would not be too far off, to be reminded of the French Riviera, when you see the boutique hotels white facade, emerald-green awnings, and petrol-blue loungers.

Each room and suite is individually designed to have a unique and beautiful interior – whether in color or simplicity, and even a combination of both. At Majeka House, there are: Premier Collection rooms, Garden Alternatives, Mountain View selections, and the poolside choices.

Florida motel visuals never looked so chic, once a guest enters my favorite of the hotels suites: an indoor space with open-air living, and well stocked amenities.

One is immediately torn between: luxuriating in a roomy bubble bath, while observing (through the patterned screen separating bathroom from bedroom)the rest of the jewel and earth-toned room bedecked in tasteful Jacquard wall prints, perhaps throwing oneself  on the plush bed for a lie-in, or dive-bombing into the private pool right on the suites private patio.

Majeka House provides guests with access to a secure spa, jacuzzi, gym, award-winning restaurant, and a pool.

Guests can enjoy views from many corners of the stunning boutique hotels corners, because the building does not mess with the suburban skyline, and view of the spectacular wine estates in the surrounding area.

Facilities which cater to the Differently-abled, as well as families, also elevate the regard I have for this hotel.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Makaron Restaurant (Click here for full review)

Address: 26-32 Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 7600


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