Travel Los Angeles: Hiking up iconic Hollywood in PUMA style

Did you know that there is a spot in Los Angeles, that allows visitors, an unimpeded views of the Hollywood sign, the Pacific Ocean, and Los Angeles’ skyscrapers?

It’s called Griffith Park, and you’ve probably seen the Griffith Observatory in atleast 6 blockbuster films from the last decade (see: Transformers, La La Land).

Griffith Observatory Mission Statement:  “Inspiring everyone to observe, ponder and understand the sky.”

Getting to the Hollywood Sign is actually no easy feat.

I visited the Griffith Observatory, which is above Los Feliz, one morning – hellbent on getting some panoramic shots of LA’s iconic skyline & Mt. Hollywood.

…and I managed to capture a beautiful sunrise, before the California heat hit hard.

Figuring out exactly where the sign is, requires a bit of manoeuvring, and a walk by a towering commemorative bust of the late ‘Rebel without a Cause‘ actor James Dean

…then you see the sign, and realise you probably should have just Uber’d there.

Image Courtesy of Discover LA

So, I got my birds-eye view of LA, and kept it moving – dressed comfortably in a pair of my PUMA favourites: the PUMA Jamming Fusefit Chameleon Sneaker.

My travel style is as moody as I am.

I hadn’t planned on a full hike, solo, and up a mountain situated on 4 200 acres of land.

So, this was accidental chic style braving Griffith Park‘s wilderness.

I wont lie: The hike up was refreshing – hot, but refreshing!

I couldn’t have summited towards LA’s most iconic landmark, without my PUMA fit!

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