Decadent Threads: Ritzy PINK Comforts

It’s Friday, and for those in South Africa: its a long weekend!

In the spirit of the long weekend stretching out ahead, of vibrant possibilities and unashamed revelry, I’m thinking about the stylish ensembles that will best keep me chic and comfortable.

My usual socializing outdoors de facto uniform tends to be one of the few Maxi dresses I have (the ERRE Myri Dress in particular), some PUMA sneakers, and a cute as hell handbag (probably from Colette, by Colette Hayman). As I live in a city with one of the moodiest weather patterns in the Southern Hemisphere, sometimes there’s a muted cardigan thrown into my outdoor traipsing kit for good measure, and a shawl if I’m feeling overly feminine that day.

I’m not one for brand logo’d tops, oversized sports jackets, gaudy accessories, and form-fitting bold trousers – that’s just not me. When you see my style, it will often come across as easy and sophisticated – complete with collectible classic pieces, and crisp freshness in how it’s styled.

Fashion is both art, commerce, lifestyle, and armor in my little world.

Elegance is my guiding light.

On a recent travel escapade a little bit away from the bustling vibrancy of the inner city, I visited the stately Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel – a serene place that manages to be ritzy and fun too. During my stay there, where I was taken care of by the finest hospitality team in the city, I put together a look to enjoy my brunch with, because why not?!

See, for me, things even taste better when I’m well-adorned. I tend to be far more receptive to the experience of truly understanding and experiencing the flavor nuances of meals when I feel good, which sometimes comes from looking good.

Anyway, I pulled out a few items from my darling ERRE collection for the look. They’re frankly lovely pieces by a proudly South Africa fashion house, with a fan base that includes literal European royalty and lil ol’ me alike. ERRE has these lovely hot-pink wide-leg pants suited to my more flowing and draping fashion sensibilities. I really have been wearing them regularly since they were delivered.

In bright pink, the stride wide-leg pants really make an impression, and they somehow remind me of the pink pop culture heroine Elle Woods, so I really am never without them.

Accompanying my weekend styling musings is a piece by maverick Cape milliner Crystal Birch: one wildly dramatic velvet headband – this one complete with pink and black Ostrich feather trimmings.

For those who don’t know me: I am a HUGE fan of TV character Blair Waldorf, from the hit television show Gossip Girl.

She may have been deeply flawed, but style was not something she lacked – ruling the Upper East Side while adorned in her luxury trademark headbands, in every color and design. My heart of hearts still has a little bit of aspiration to be the best parts of Blair – mostly the whole wealthy AND living in New York City, as well as the studying both at Columbia and NYU bit.

Enough of my pop culture inclinations; These pieces I’m thinking on for my long weekend styling, may not scream heritage luxury or some other sort of trendy fashion drivel, but they speak of sophistication, cool comfort, and a little drama, and for that, they have my undivided adoration...well until I find my next pair of perfectly fitted Palazzo pants and matching headgear.

Got to love precise craftmasnship – whether in a headband or luxury loungewear!

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