Solo Winter: Rocomamas Rocking Review

Rocomamas is actually a pretty cool place for a solo visit.

I live for the Rockstar Burger & their Nutella Waffles.

I’m also keen for what Rocomamas Harrington, has in store for their Winter visitors.

Who else would head there for a 2-for-1 special, or comedy night?!

Stay tuned to their social media, and you will be privy to specials & experiences exclusive to Rocomamas restaurant.

Solo Winter: A Cape Town Sunday Funday Guide

From “where to sleep?”, to “where to eat?”, and “where to shop?” …Winter for One can be a quiet & dull time as archetypal Summer activities dwindle & the people around you pair up for Fall cuddles.
However, you can have a wonderful Solo #SundayFunday if you plan it right.

Ready to eat and chill your way around Cape Town?

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What if the nature of winter food was re-imagined?
What if you could – not wipe from memory, the adoration for food from the hearth – but introduce a dynamism to a Winter Menu?

Say hello to today’s foodie escapade stop: Ceviche Bar.

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