Dining Review: The Famous Butchers Grill

Welcome to a brief review of a most horrendous dining experience.IMG_0204

My friends and I chose to dine at an ill-named restaurant called “The Famous Butchers Grill” in Cape Town yesterday night. Obviously we had thee highest of expectations regarding the grill, considering the hype of its name…Boy!were we in for a surprise.

I ordered a medium rare 200g Sirloin steak advertised as “grilled to perfection” but tasted about as charred as my dark and jaded soul. I had a side of potato wedges, and alleged Blue Cheese topping this rather simple plating. Dessert was “The Famous Chocolate Orgasm” that was a disappointing and brief encounter.  Our  chocolate-loving souls were left feeling nothing but dry as bone. What was described as a dense baked chocolate cake, immaculately dressed with their “Famous Bar One chocolate sauce” was dry ass cake, dripping in what is not the distinctly yum Bar One taste.

My wine connoisseur friend ordered a bottle of Clovelly Triangle red wine, and we dug in with gnawing hunger and excitement. The meal was delightfully bland; backing up their big name with subpar cooking, what I’m sure was faux Blue Cheese mixed in with flour, and a waitstaff and manager whose attitudes ensured we’d never deign to step foot into- or recommend- the restaurant again.

I sorely recommend trying out The Hussar Grill if you have a hankering for tasty sirloin and a simple, affordable, and filling meal.

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