Cape Town foodie escapades: Makaron Restaurant Review

Following 2-hour traffic delays during my roadtrip, sweltering Cape Town heat – and amid my taking in the vivid wonder of Majeka House’s luxury hotel suites – I had to placate my rumbling tummy.

Majeka House & Spa is a boutique hotel nestled in the  leafy green suburb of Stellenbosch’s Paradyskloof.

Image courtesy of Majeka House

One experiences an idyllic visual journey navigating through the majestic mountains and vineyards, to the hotel itself. The hotel is home to a restaurant called Makaron Restaurant (which I still low-key correct to ‘Macaroons’ in my head…because they’re awesome!)

It’s rare for me not to mention the decor of a place I visit, so let me talk you through Makaron’s simplicity. The interior of the restaurant is contemporary, utilizing modest statement pieces for aesthetic, together with recycled and repurposed furniture.

Even the tables at Makaron come with a decidedly interesting background, being the creations of Cape Town designer Gregor Jenkins and Louis Ghost. The plates also have a tale to tell; molded into existence by the hands of Franschoek potter David Walters, exclusively for Majeka House.

Makaron’s dining experience begins with their welcome: a put together team of attendants lined up right by the gorgeous wine-lined entryway, leading you to your table with beckoning smiles and punctual efficiency. I may not be a revered critic, but my palate found their award-winning à la carte menu satisfactory enough to go to sleep later, without a rebelling stomach.

“Our focus at Makaron is to provide for our guests mouth-watering food in an elegant and comfortable environment.”

While slightly ostentatious in display, the food at Makaron Restauraunt was elegant and hearty, in the truest sense of grub coming out of the kitchens in the winelands.

My Menu Choices

Compile your menu from 4 to 6 Plates
4 plates R450 | 5 plates R565 | 6 Plates R675

Compliments from the Kitchen
Majeka garden leaves & Rooibos, “mielie pap” croquette & Sheba

Suggested start – 1 to 2 plates
kale, broccoli, beer onions, malt vinegar
charred cauliflower, cabbage, sweet corn, parmesan

Followed up by – 1 to 3 plates
cured trout, beetroot-apple kraut, milk kefir dressing.
house made duck breast ham, baby figs, cos lettuce.
sashimi, grapefruit, yuzu, house made almond milk, fennel oil.

The serious choice – 1 to 2 plates
kingklip, black garlic, eggplant, ash baked carrot, black rice.
tagliatelle, kale, lemon, granola, beurre noisette

Chalmar sirloin, umami butter, crispy onions.
springbok rump, beetroot, cabbage

Compulsory finish – 1 to 2 plates

dark chocolate, almond milk ice cream, home-brewed ginger beer


The Best: The Springbok. The Sirloin. The Trout.

Why: Meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender, perfectly seasoned and plated.

The others: I don’t know whether Tagliatelle is supposed to taste so…tart? but I didn’t enjoy it purely because plebeian ol’ me was expecting some tomato sauce-swimming pasta dish…with meat!

Every other dish passes general folk muster, though Kale is weird as hell – is it like the alter ego lovechild of lettuce and spinach?

Anywhoooooo, Makaron makes a nice dinner you guys. Please just ensure you order the 6-plate option or you may get a little hungry later.

Breakfast on the patio is an elaborate buffet-style, and a-la-carte mix. There’s everything from Salmon to yogurt, smoothies and cheese plates. Majeka keep guests health needs in mind, with a section of special jams for Diabetics even. I now have an affinity for the Majeka House custom juice blends – the Cleansing Juice doing its job so well I think my soul’s clean,

Whether for a light alfresco breakfast on the sheltered terrace, lunch or dinner inside, the restaurant overlooking lush gardens means that to eat here is to dine divine – because its more than the food; it’s an experience of sophistication.

Come here for the modern cuisine intrinsically blended with French classics, fruit and veggies so fresh you’re likely to get super discerning when you next do groceries, and come to pretty much fill your belly while being lulled into comfort,  with the colors and wood surrounding you.

What else could you order?

heirloom tomato, white balsamic, house ricotta, gazpacho granite.

west coast mussels, marsala, coconut, tomato.

beef tartare “poke” bowl.

baby marrow risotto, cured egg shavings, raw mushroom, truffle

suckling pig, whey soured lettuce & naartjie salad.

watermelon, fermented blue berries, apple blossoms, rooibos kombucha

farm milk panna cotta, roasted hazelnut milk, whey sorbet, coffee

“melktert” ice cream sandwich

passion fruit, buchu meringue, coconut, spekboom.


If you aren’t keen on Makaron’s beverage menu, ask your waiter or waitress to get you a cocktail menu from MLounge, which is just across the way.

Image courtesy of Majeka House

MLounge is Majeka House’s bar, wherein cocktails, beer and chilled wine choices are served from an ambiance of esoteric Parisian salon lounge vibe, that’s on the good side of intimately inviting. The wines are selected with great detail by the owners and their winemaker acquaintances, so the wine list offers local varieties and international wines.

Makaron Restaurant

26 – 32 Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7900

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