Travel South Africa: Escape to Majeka House

Let us veer a little away from the ocean side with my next travel escapade, and into the lush green landscape of Western Cape’s more mountain-side luxury escapes.

Conveniently situated along the Cape Wine Route (and under an hours drive from Cape Town), the gorgeous and eclectic, owner-managed Majeka Houseis a luxurious pocket of paradise – whether you stay for a drink, or sleep in comfort for a fortnight.

Image courtesy of Majeka House

After spending a moment or 3 trying to find the correct entrance into the Stellenbosch-based grounds, Majeka opens to you with the flourish and security of a gated suburban community. It’s limited parking bays, perfectly manicured towering trees and bushes, and 2-storey townhouse-style design layout, speaks to providing its visitors with privacy. I entered the hotel to a smiling general manager and his efficient as hell team; who checked me in, and walked me through the property and the operations of my suite rather succinctly.

I was nudged past the petrol-blue sun loungers and meticulously cut herb garden and trees, right into my gem of a room, and its lap of luxury, without duress because “Did you see that decor, you guys?!

I wont even lie: Earthtones and gem colors are my Kyrptonite (see what I did there?), so entering my suite and seeing the fresh greens and golds coloring everything, was warm and cool simultaneously. The room sort of reminds me of those visuals from movies set in humid Florida motels – except Majeka is sophisticated pampering, where those film mis-en-scenes are tacky corners.

Lloyd and Karine’s 23-room hotel, restaurant and spa, was seducing me to stay longer, thanks to its quirky aesthetic. It’s no lie when the hotel markets itself as being full “of character and high-spec finishes with the warmth of a private home”.

I may find the stark white facade too dazzling in the sun, and the emerald-green awnings a little gauche, but the backdrop of the mountains and rolling green hills, elevate Majeka House to French Riviera chic.

Once you exit your room to experience the dining, you’ll find MLounge for cocktails and other drinks, or Makaron Restaurant’s gourmet dishes and fine wines being the delectable finishing on a truly lovely hospitality experience – however indulgent.

Architectural Style: 6/10

The building does not mess with the suburban skyline, and view of the spectacular wine estates in the surrounding area.

One does not feel claustrophobic within the building, nor while exploring the lush, green grounds – despite closely packed suites and rooms on the property.

Decor & Character: 8/10

Head to the Majeka House website for a 3D view of their 28 rooms, and see why I want to come back 23 more times to experience each.

Each room and suite is individually designed to have a unique and beautiful interior – whether in color or simplicity, and even a combination of both. There are: Premier Collection rooms, Garden Alternatives, Mountain View selections, and the poolside choices.

Picture courtesy of Majeka House

Facilities: 7/10

There is a secure spa, jacuzzi, gym and pool for the folks in need of such; and my suite came with a private pool to cool off in (which was pretty sweet!)

Food & Drink: 8/10

There is a restaurant for your dining pleasure – and a damn fine one at that. No frills to distract you; so a nice experience of eating delicious filling food.

Breakfast on the patio is an elaborate buffet-style, and a-la-carte mix. There’s everything from Salmon to yogurt, smoothies and cheese plates. Majeka keep guests health needs in mind, with a section of special jams for Diabetics even.

I now have an affinity for the Majeka House custom juice blends – the Cleansing Juice doing its job so well I think my soul’s clean.

*Look out for the Makaron Restaurant Review coming.

Disability Accessibility & Comfort: Yes, 7/10

You’ll have bedroom and bathroom access on any of the ground floor rooms you’re placed on. Do make sure to inquire about whether the room you’re being placed in has saftey bars to use the facilities.

Family Friendly: Yes, 8/10

I was caught among a few little kids running about the property, and enjoying themselves, under supervision from parents and staff. I do believe there aren’t many things for small humans to knock over, but there are a fair few sharp corners to look out for.

Location: 7/10

Just like The White House Beach Villa, Majeka House is roadtrippy, but still convenient.

You’ll get to pass by our major film studios, townships, and miles of winelands and suburbs on your way to the picturesque Stellenbosch.

Majeka House is ideal because it’s a good base from which

“…to explore the historical town of Stellenbosch with its interesting shops, galleries, museums, alfresco cafe culture, and wine states.” – Majeka House

Value for Money: 8/10

You get what you pay for, in: the pristine facilities, pretty decor, and functional and discreet staff.

Let it be known that thee “poolside choices combine open-air living with ingenious indoor space.” (Majeka House). I just love that I got to recline in my steamy bubble bath, while overlooking my suite and out into the pool deck.

My room had a semi-private crisp pool, cocooned intimately in a private little forest. One gets their value for money with this room due to: the sheer size of the room, the soft linen, thick towels (…and gowns. Oh! Those cloud-like gowns), well-stocked amenities, a big ass flat screen TV, a Lavazza coffee machine and “a unique honesty bar selection” (Majeka House)

There are also small touches to ensure guests are prepared, like: the daily personalized weather notes, and the tag marking distance and ideal jogging/walking locations in the vicinity.

A memorable moments?

While the service was some of the best I’ve had at a hotel – considering I was even helped with a USB cable I needed at dawn – whatever I think of has to be good, right?!

Well try this on for size: Being the foodie and chocolate-love that I am, Majeka House surprised me with a wine & chocolate tasting at Blauklippen Valley’s Waterford Estate, less than 3km away from the hotel. I have been telling all those who follow my foodie escapades, that I’m developing a taste for wine, and when you add chocolate to the mix, bet money I am pleased as hell!

Waterford has an entrance worthy of comparison to even Valentino’s French Chateau, and their wine isn’t too bad either.

I’m partial to the Heatherleigh dessert wine teamed with Rose Geranium chocolate (because SWEETNESS!), though their Kevin Arnold Shiraz isn’t too heavy for a white wine lover. It was so cool to finally get the complexity of spicy wine thanks to the Masai Chai in the chocolate. The Cabernet Sauvignon was way heavy for me – even with the rock salt behind the milk chocolate – but it’s considered a commendable red for connoisseurs.

Majeka House

26-32 Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 7600

Tel: +27 21 8801549/8801512

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