Travel South Africa: Escape to O on Kloof Hotel

Hello May!

Another month, so another travel escapade became necessary to relieve the stresses already built up these past few weeks.

Where did I head to this time?

There is a dark architectural fusion wonder of urban chic and classic design, nestled in the deep recess of the Cape Town city, overlooking the Atlantic Seaboard.

Welcome to O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Image Courtesy of O on Kloof

Enter a neighborhood bereft of the usual hustle and bustle of inner city life, to a traditional townhouse, housing unassuming hospitality.

I used my MyCITI bus card to take the scenic route to the hotel, which drives through some really lovely suburban communities, photo-perfect panoramic views, and even past decadent fun-sized vacation homes.

One enters the chill hotel, to a glass of bubbly, and a check-in process that doesn’t leave you dreading basic human interaction you were probably trying to escape from, within your normal life.

Image Courtesy of O on Kloof

The hotel lobby is decorated and structured, like what one might imagine stepping foot into the anachronistic ‘The Joneses‘ suburban home is like: tasteful decor and layout, but still a livable home. It is intimate with its library/study-style, but spacious – making use of a combination of dark textured material, pops of rich colors, and warm lighting, to make the space seem larger than average, but not austere.

“O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a sophisticated city sanctuary presiding over Cape Town’s cosmopolitan Atlantic Seaboard catering for Cape Town’s most selective travelers…For foreign guests, our staff are versed in Afrikaans, English, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.”

Walking to my suite took 3 seconds…and then the fun really began. I had the pleasure of staying in one of the luxury suites available.

The perks of staying in one of these suites, are abundant. Guests have access to: a king size bed with fine linen, a lounge area with a double couch,  a bath and shower in one luxurious en-suite bathroom – not to mention a private jacuzzi spa bath.

The list of benefits to escaping to this suite continue, with: a Lavazza espresso machine,  a sea view of the Atlantic Ocean, complimentary Wi-Fi and internet access (because Blogger, HELLO!); Also available to guests, is a fully stocked private bar with snacks, evening turndown service, plush bathrobes and slippers (I ensured I used religiously), and most importantly for a growing individual such as I: Breakfast

Spa Day: 7/10

In between syncing my rem cycle, raiding the bar fridge and enjoying the sunsets, I snuck off to the O on Kloof Spa. These knots wont massage themselves away.

Architectural Style: 6/10

The building blends in with the city skyline, while elevating guests just enough to immerse themselves in the captivating panoramic sunset view.

One does not feel claustrophobic within the building, nor while exploring the hotel space – despite closely packed suites and rooms on the property.

Decor & Character: 7/10

Unlike other boutique hotels who mostly theme each suite, O on Kloof tries its level best to balance being interesting, with classic sophistication; eventually finding its decor and ambiance footing, somewhere between “nice” and “dependable”.

Sometimes, in order to be consistent, hotels need to forget the gimmicks of pop art deco design, and stick to a working minimalist design motif. This is why I think O on Kloof will keep its doors open for atleast a while yet.

Besides, they have an ace-in-the-whole: Priceless sunset views.

“Guests experience a sense of unrushed tranquility, lifting the spirit in an unassuming way. It ensues from the wooded bliss of the sun drenched deck or the beauty of the outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas from where you can unwind and watch the sun trace across the Cape sky.”

Facilities: 7/10

There is a secure spa, jacuzzi(for the suite’d), gym and pool for the folks in need. The spa area overlooks the magnificent indoor pool, which is heated for the winter season.

Food & Drink: 6/10

There is a kitchen open for guests to get breakfast and light lunches, whipped up for their dining pleasure.

One can socialise over bubbly, or the hotels selection of celebrated local wines. Alternatively, guests may indulge in a quiet drink, in the lounge, or cozily around the intimate fireplace.

Disability Accessibility & Comfort: No, 4/10

There are a few set of steps to contend with, and no elevator to be found. While maneuvering within the establishment is spacious enough to be comfortable, I wouldn’t wholly recommend it as safe for those needing special arrangements due to a disability.

Please inquire from the hotel though, in case they can accommodate your specific requirement.

Family Friendly: Yes, 6/10

There are a few sharp corners, but mostly everything can be worked around for small humans. Family’s would be well-accommodated in these rooms.

Location: 7/10

While my reviews of the White House Beach Villa have taken me on a roadtrip to the coast, and Majeka House took me to the winelands, O on Kloof Boutique Hotel gives you a boutique hospitality experience, from the convenience of the city.

You’re in the hub of all the goings on, but far enough from the actual noise.

Value for Money: 6/10

It’s not beyond the realm of reason, and my suite in particular is ideal for those craving a luxurious experience for a bargain.

*NOTE: Please change Youtube Quality View setting to 480p to see video in best visuals.

O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa

92 Kloof Road, Bantry Bay,
Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 21 439 2081

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