New York foodie escapades: La Bergamote Review

A sit down lunch every day, while travelling, is not always feasible; but thank goodness I played my cards right, and ensured I got to experience a variation of good foodie joints, while in The Big Apple.

I’ve had South Africa’s interpretation of some of the worlds most beloved foods, and been duly impressed by our chefs creativity in reinventing them uniquely. I would have been remiss in my duties as a foodie blogger however, had I not atleast tried a few boujie eateries between my adored food trucks and hipster cafes.

Today’s foodie escapade happened after I got told rained on unexpectedly, after the G-Star Raw presentation that closed New York Fashion Week 2017 for me, and was also told that the days taping of ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’, would not have space for me.

I had a ticket for the next day, but why not try my luck, right?!)

and so I chose to eat my feels down the road from the studios, at La Bergamote.

“The original La Bergamote in Chelsea opened in 1998; this sister location came along more than 10 years later, a sunny bistro and patisserie that’s open all day, every day. The modern, narrow space is framed by picture windows on one side and temptingly displayed fruit tarts and jewel-like chocolate creations on the other…It’s a quiet, out-of-the-way spot—unless you live in Hell’s Kitchen, of course—and rarely crowded.” – NYC Gov

Known as a formidable French restaurant and patisserie within New York’s Hell’s Kitchen district, La Bergamote is a cute little corner where your eyes will be dazzled with their display of pretty (fattening but maddeningly good) goodies, and – should you decide to have a proper lunch or dinner – be filled with simple, well-made filling dishes.

My Meal

I went into the restaurant frazzled by the rain, and immediately told the waiter I was starved for something feel good.

In came the most perfect piece of meaty goodness which reminded me just enough of home to smile: A Steak Au Poivre for $25.

La Bergamote makes their Rib Eye steak medium well done, with not even a glimmer of bland dryness.

It is succulent and flavorsome and portioned perfectly for a diligent carnivore such as myself. The pepper corn sauce, Asparagus & Scallop Potatoes which accompanied this steak, maintained their combined sophistication, even through the wholesome eatathon plated before me.


I asked for diabetes. Okay, No. I just wanted something so sweet and chocolatey that I’d be floating in a sea of suagry heaven.

This is what I got: A dark chocolate mousse Petit Four Glace with whipped mint icing gel decorating the confectionery


It. Was. A sugary rush!

I thoroughly enjoyed the unmoulded frozen chocolate mint mousse.


What the restaurant & patisserie lacks in efficient and personable service and general design character, they make up for through the tempting as hell display you see the minute you enter through their doors.

You may not traverse across the city for La Bergamote, but once in Hell’s Kitchen: It’s one of the nicer spots to drop into.

La Bergamote Restaurant & Patisserie

 515 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019, USA

+1 212-586-2429

07:00 am – 22:00pm

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